By Christina Hartzler
January 19, 2024
Big-D Construction recently embraced a new approach to their fleet-management strategy, which has paved the way for them to expand their bus...
By Benjamin Meyer, AIA, LEED AP
December 8, 2023
Each year, educational institutions across the United States grapple with the challenges of decaying walls, escalating energy bills for HVAC...
Heavy Equipment
By Maria Davidson
November 27, 2023
After working with thousands of contractors to improve their procurement and materials management processes, Kojo recognized a pattern among...
By Jim Samocki
August 15, 2023
Construction sites can be a dangerous place for ready-mix vehicles, concrete pumping trucks, trucks delivering supplies and materials like c...
By Kevin Newman
August 9, 2023
In the dynamic world of building and construction, architects hold the key to creating structures that are not only visually appealing but a...
By Rachael Plant
August 2, 2023
Understanding the causes of inflated fuel spend is the first step to nailing down a solution. Because fuel is such a large portion of a cons...
Fuel Tracking
By Chris Johnson
July 27, 2023
Rising rates and today’s economic climate are fueling record increases in the rental and leasing markets in construction equipment. The Nort...
Business Risk
Heavy Equipment
By Todd Rigby
May 17, 2023
Like many other industries, heavy construction organizations face pressure to increase their operational efficiency and profitability. This ...
Heavy Equipment
By Ed Myers
February 21, 2023
It takes a lot to keep a business afloat today so when a major part unexpectedly breaks or a piece of machinery suddenly wears down, project...
Heavy Equipment
By Gary Durian
February 21, 2023
Who can resist the opportunity to see the future? With the influx of modern digital tools that provide an entirely new way to improve jobsit...

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