By Jamine Moton
March 5, 2024
Every construction site holds more than the promise of a new structure—it holds millions of dollars in assets. Construction sites teem with ...
Risk Management
By Colleen M. Kennedy
February 20, 2024
There is no shortage of opportunities or demand for construction professionals right now. The need for new housing is at an all-time high w...
Risk Management
By Michael Teng
February 13, 2024
Every aspect of a jobsite costs more today, from materials and labor to tools and equipment. Take construction input costs for example. Whi...
Risk Management
By Georgia Stillwell
January 25, 2024
Project delays have long plagued the construction industry, with risk often identified as the primary culprit. However, finding effective so...
Risk Management
By Michael Needham
December 15, 2023
Construction companies face numerous issues in the current environment, especially with increased materials costs and labor shortages. Cyber...
Risk Management
By Greg Perruzzi
November 10, 2023
The construction industry is experiencing a shift in the types of claims it encounters and the availability of suitable insurance coverage i...
Risk Management
By Dane M. Dasent, P.E.
October 27, 2023
It’s no secret that water damage is a major threat to any community through storms, flooding, water line breaks, etc. However, water can als...
Risk Management
By Shawn Mahoney
October 20, 2023
When you picture an unhealthy building, you likely conjure up images of dilapidated buildings with broken windows and overgrown lawns. But t...
Risk Management
By Richard Sghiatti
September 6, 2023
It’s not every day that a construction company gets to renovate an 80-year-old battleship. Yet that’s exactly where Youngblood-Barrett Const...
Surety Bonding
Project Management
By Bill Creedon
August 31, 2023
According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2016 and 2020 an estimated average of 4,300 fires per year plagued structures...
Risk Management

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