Mentoring Gen Z: An Interview With a Young New Assistant Superintendent
Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Grace Novak was her mentor's first female mentee. She says: ‘The first thing I would tell somebody just starting out in this job is, knowledge is the most valuable thing you can walk into a conversation with.’
Keep Going: A Plan for Ensuring Business Continuity
Thursday, March 21, 2024
Business continuity is about keeping the lights on today, tomorrow and 20 years from now. A risk-control expert tells CE how companies of all sizes can start planning for it.
Closeout: Underneath It All
Friday, March 1, 2024
Forsyth County Courthouse, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Having a problem finding qualified workers? Improve hiring and onboarding measures to ensure quality hires and double down on safety standards to attract them.
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Workplace stress is a reality in any industry, and construction is no different. However, there are ways both for individuals to reduce their stress and for leaders to create a less stressful work environment.
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Fleet-management software not only can help monitor the status and health of your fleet, it can even help predict and prevent tire blowouts.
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Research from the Construction Safety Research Alliance aims to set a global standard for safety, efficiency and finance at construction companies.
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Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2024
Construction Executive's 2024 Q1 Construction Economic Update and Forecast

ABC Chief Economist Anirban Basu will review current economic circumstances, the risk of recession, the hottest market sectors and his expectations for this year.

Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2024
Fast Training, Safe Futures: ROI-Driven Paths for Next-Gen Operators

Join the future of construction! Learn how to slash costs, speed up training and secure top talent with innovative simulation techniques.

Wednesday, Jun. 12, 2024
Deep Dive Into Construction Work in Progress

Work in progress is key to construction job costing—allowing contractors to proactively manage their jobs and businesses. Learn how you can analyze and leverage WIP reports to effectively run your business.

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Contractors’ Guide to Managing Cash Flow in 2022
As the construction industry enters the final quarter of another turbulent year, contractors are faced with planning for another year that promises its fair share of uncertainties and challenges.
Innovative Building Materials for New Construction
As the construction industry changes and evolves, so do the materials on which it relies; roofing, flooring, siding and countertops are all due for an upgrade. The innovative use of these materials is proven to result in longer-lasting results and lower expenses for contractors and clients alike.
How to Plan Maintenance Scheduling for Your Off-Road Equipment
Off-road equipment needs to be maintained in order to operate properly. Telematics can ensure you never miss a necessary preventative maintenance service.

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