By Jim Samocki
August 15, 2023
Construction sites can be a dangerous place for ready-mix vehicles, concrete pumping trucks, trucks delivering supplies and materials like c...
By Rachael Plant
August 2, 2023
Understanding the causes of inflated fuel spend is the first step to nailing down a solution. Because fuel is such a large portion of a cons...
Fuel Tracking
By Chris Johnson
July 27, 2023
Rising rates and today’s economic climate are fueling record increases in the rental and leasing markets in construction equipment. The Nort...
Business Risk
Heavy Equipment
By Gary Durian
February 21, 2023
Who can resist the opportunity to see the future? With the influx of modern digital tools that provide an entirely new way to improve jobsit...
By Rachel E. Pelovitz
January 31, 2023
The majority of fleet safety professionals use telematics and GPS tracking to improve safety, per the 2022 Fleet Safety Report. The report, ...
By Rachael Plant
October 11, 2022
An increase in fleet solutions on the market means it’s easier than ever for managers to get a complete view of their fleet without ever hav...
By Robert Nawy
August 30, 2022
While vehicles have become safer to drive, the evolution of digital technology installed in these cars has left them open to privacy infring...
By Eric Alstrom
August 17, 2022
Construction vehicles are the grunting, humming, beating heart of construction sites around the world, but they are also notoriously ineffic...
By Steve DeFranco
July 20, 2022
The construction industry, like most industries, is facing challenges. The biggest concerns for construction fleet companies this year conti...
By David Perecman
May 17, 2022
Four out of every five work zone fatalities involve a driver or passenger of a vehicle. According to, in 2019, 135 of the...

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