By Paula Fortuny Lopez
October 27, 2023
It’s well documented that buildings consume resources, and worldwide statistics show that buildings are responsible for around 40% of energy...
Artificial Intelligence
Data Analytics
By Jay Snyder
October 1, 2023
In a recent conversation, the executive team of a large general contractor based on the West Coast told me that they receive anywhere from 8...
Drones / UAV’s
Artificial Intelligence
By David Hernandez
September 29, 2023
Contractors have a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders. As the key person appointed to execute and oversee construction project...
Project Management
By Romy Maunz
July 13, 2023
While construction remains the largest industry in the global economy, accounting for 13% of the world’s GDP, the annual productivity growth...
By James Slusher, P.E.
February 28, 2023
If you work on a complex construction project, you’re likely familiar with the challenges posed by unknown subsurface conditions. Some of th...
By Vicki Speed
September 20, 2022
What even five years ago was likely seen as an interesting, certainly fun, but not necessarily every day, tool is now becoming an integral p...
By David Chen
September 6, 2022
3D technology may not be new to the construction trades. But current 3D tools may soon seem as basic to the industry as "Space Invaders" or ...
Drones / UAV’s
By Marla McIntyre
August 18, 2021
Apps The SafetyTek Toolbox Talks app has 365 pre-packaged toolbox talks on everything from ladder safety to extreme weather conditions. The...
By Matthew Hudelson
May 28, 2021
A successful construction project is one that achieves a balance between cost vs. budget and resources spent vs. schedule, without sacrifici...
By Naghman Khan
March 25, 2021
Figure 1. Top 10 tallest buildings in the world, measured by architectural height (Image CTBUH). Buildings are becoming taller....

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