How to Prepare for Planned and Unplanned Outages

By Ed Myers
February 21, 2023
It takes a lot to keep a business afloat today so when a major part unexpectedly breaks or a piece of machinery suddenly wears down, project...
Heavy Equipment

Predictive Versus Preventative Maintenance: What’s the Right Choice?

By Chris Scott
November 29, 2022
A lot of construction businesses fall back on the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality when it comes to fleet equipment. They think: ...
Heavy Equipment

Construction Tech Looks Ahead to Prediction for Equipment Maintenance

By Chaz Vollmer
August 30, 2022
Most people would prevent an illness from becoming dire by heading to the doctor while they're experiencing minor symptoms for a professiona...
Heavy Equipment

Keep Construction Crews Safe by Considering the Condition of Your Machinery

By Jason Bliss
July 6, 2022
When people think of safety on a jobsite, they often think of safety glasses, hard hats and caution signs–and rightfully so. It is important...
Risk Management
Heavy Equipment

Human Factors: Blind Spots in Heavy Construction Machinery

By Udo Schultheis
April 20, 2022
Articulated loaders, excavators, rollers, and cranes are important construction tools and have been upgraded and improved with new technolog...
Heavy Equipment

Pick the Best Aerial Lift for the Job at Hand

By Francisco Martins
February 8, 2022
Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP), also called aerial lifts, move workers to hard-to-reach places—usually at height—without a scaffold....
Heavy Equipment

Acquire Better Data for Critical Equipment Decisions Using Maintenance Software

By Herb Brownett
January 26, 2022
Keeping older assets too long is a significant profit leak for many contractors that operate heavy equipment. Fortunately, maintenance manag...
Heavy Equipment

Guidelines for Daily Maintenance on Scissor Lifts

By Genie
November 10, 2021
Sticking to a regular maintenance routine, including the important daily tasks as outlined in the operator’s manual, helps to ensure that sc...
Heavy Equipment

ANSI Standards Include Requirements for Direct Supervisors of MEWP Operators

By Scott Owyen
August 18, 2021
New ANSI A92 Standards went into effect just over a year ago in June 2020. Many changes provide additional emphasis on the user, most often ...
Heavy Equipment

ARA Forecast Shows Equipment Rental Segment Recovering

By Construction Executive
August 12, 2021
Equipment rental revenue, comprised of the construction/industrial and general tool segments, is expected to explode past its peak totals in...
Heavy Equipment

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Heavy Equipment

Don’t Drop the Ball (or the Load): Crane Safety Best Practices

By Curtis Moore
In addition to complying with crane certification, training and evaluation requirements, there are best practices construction employers can implement for worker safety around cranes.
Heavy Equipment

Biodiesel Offers Sustainable Fuel Alternative for Construction Equipment

By Colin Huwyler
Incorporating low carbon fuels is essential for operating diesel machinery.
Heavy Equipment

Tips for Working Around Propane-Powered Equipment on Construction Jobsites

By Matt McDonald
Crews working around internal combustion engine-powered equipment, including propane, should be aware of dangers of CO, signs of CO poisoning, precautions to take and how different fuels affect their risk.

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