Legal and Regulatory

Legal and Regulatory

By Wayne Nunziata
January 25, 2024
Last year’s Pittsburgh area Fern Hollow Bridge collapse and the I-95 Philadelphia collapse may portend more infrastructure spending to come....
Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
By Keith Signoriello
September 14, 2023
In the construction industry, managing risks is a constant, day-to-day concern. From the safety of your workforce to the financial viability...
By Trent Cotney
August 15, 2023
The U.S. Department of Labor made big news on Aug. 8 when it finalized a new wage calculation rule. It benefits construction workers on fede...
By Van Carlson
August 9, 2023
Construction is a risky business, as professionals know. Each project comes with a set of risks unique to the building industry, and small t...
By Jessica Zelitt
July 19, 2023
On April 13, 2023, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 360 into law. This legislation alters the time period for bringing forward c...
By Stuart Eisler
June 21, 2023
Stakeholders engage in design-build projects believing the collaborative nature better aligns parties' interests and reduces overall risk ex...
By Paul F. Williamson
June 7, 2023
Recent years have seen the construction industry get hit by a perfect storm of rising costs, workforce shortages, delivery delays, supply-ch...
June 2, 2023
If a major project is interrupted or canceled, are there any laws that provide protection for unpaid contractors that have performed work? ...
Executive Profiles
By Scott D. Cessar
May 30, 2023
Pass-through claims are claims by a party that has suffered damages but does not have a contractual relationship with the entity that caused...
By Julie Zando-Dennis
May 9, 2023
Construction contractors, their brokers and agents and their insurance providers can work together to help curb the rising costs caused by s...

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Legal and Regulatory
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Legal and Regulatory
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Legal and Regulatory
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