By Dan Rosenberg
October 20, 2023
As a construction attorney with decades of legal experience and years serving in-house as senior executive and general counsel to a large co...
By Scott D. Cessar
May 30, 2023
Pass-through claims are claims by a party that has suffered damages but does not have a contractual relationship with the entity that caused...
By Julie Zando-Dennis
May 9, 2023
Construction contractors, their brokers and agents and their insurance providers can work together to help curb the rising costs caused by s...
By Trent Cotney
April 24, 2023
When prime contractors and subcontractors do business together, success is reliant upon clear, effective communication. And that communicati...
By Rachel E. Pelovitz
January 30, 2023
A recent decision by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has shaken up construction contracts. While companies could claim “forc...
By Daniel Lund III
December 5, 2022
The point of contracts is to create certainty to avoid litigated or arbitrated disputes. Still, the various parties in the construction proc...
Dispute Resolution
By Robert Alfert Jr.
November 15, 2022
The construction sector has been in a bull market for an unprecedented period of time. With the novel impacts from the coronavirus—and all t...
Dispute Resolution
By Eric J. Meier
October 31, 2022
The National Football League continues to grow in popularity and the economics are staggering. For 2021-2022, the Green Bay Packers (the onl...
Business Development
Project Management
By Todd R. Regan
October 31, 2022
As a contractor, you may have wondered if your contract can be terminated by the owner for cause after the project has reached substantial c...
Surety Bonding
By Chadd Reynolds
September 20, 2022
Traditionally, parties to construction contracts could only terminate their contract when the other contracting party had materially breache...

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