May 2024
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Money Talks: An Exclusive Roundtable on Construction Finance

Capital funds! Business loans! Risk! Labor! Technology! Growth! An exclusive CE roundtable gets to the bottom line on everything you need to know about construction finance at this moment. The good news: People are feeling pretty optimistic about the state of the market.
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Herman Russell's Big Hustle

H.J. Russell & Company began with an entrepreneurial young boy’s shoeshine stand in Atlanta and has grown into a nearly half-billion-dollar Black-owned construction and development firm with a national reputation. Along the way, the company has intersected with the Civil Rights Movement, helped build the Atlanta skyline and created an enduring culture of entrepreneurial growth.
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Plan of Steel: Raleigh's Newest Adaptive-Reuse Project

Transforming a nearly century-old industrial site in Raleigh, North Carolina, into a high-end mixed-use development wasn’t anything new for Brasfield & Gorrie. But that doesn’t mean the project was without challenges, including lead remediation, structural issues and—of course—the supply chain.
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Construction Executive Cover Art
Taking Control of Quality Control

By Matthew Kleiman

Neglecting work quality costs the industry hundreds of billions of dollars in rework every year—and endangers workers’ lives. Commit today to developing a quality-management system.

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All-Seeing and All-Knowing

By Greg Ayres

Advanced security systems use AI-driven tools to automatically detect and deter trespassers within seconds—leading to safer, more secure construction sites.

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A Mental-Health Scorecard

By Chase Plank, Sally Spencer-Thomas, Cal Beyer

The construction industry has come a long way in addressing mental health and wellbeing—but still has a lot of work to do. A new white paper reviews recent advancements and remaining obstacles.

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Liftin' on a Prayer: Jon Bon Jovi's New Nashville Bar

By David McMillin

For DPR Construction, building Jon Bon Jovi’s new five-story bar in downtown Nashville meant working around 16,000 daily pedestrians, a packed entertainment schedule and a very tight footprint.

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Rapid Relief: Atlanta's First-Ever Multifamily Shipping-Container Development

By Maggie Murphy

With 40 units constructed from 20 shipping containers that previously served as temporary hospital space during the pandemic, The Melody is a fast-moving model for reducing homelessness.

Harker's Island Bridge
Closeout: The Water Is Wide

Harkers Island Bridge Replacement, Carteret County, North Carolina

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