May 2023
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Safe and Safer

When it comes to health and safety, doing things better means preventing injuries and saving lives. With that in mind, here are five things about construction safety that industry advocates tell CE need to change—immediately, if not sooner.
Safe and Safer illustration with safety gear

Moving Images: 2023 CE Photo Contest

The winning entries in the 2023 CE Photo Contest capture construction in all its lifting, hauling, sparking, hammering glory.

Strong Roots

Warfeather has built an outsized reputation for a small Oklahoma company, combining its founder’s military-based focus on mission and his Choctaw values.
J. Adam Oglesbee
Illustration showing trucks, planes, ships, and trains
Future-Proofing the Supply Chain

By Adrian Sanchez

Smart procurement can help make materials more affordable and reliable, protecting companies against scarcity when costs are at a premium.

A tired trucker at the wheel.
Eyes Wide Shut

By Boyd Goodson

It’s time to wake up to the dangers of sleep apnea—including workplace injuries, disability claims, burnout and absenteeism.

Award recipients at ABC Convention 2023
All Access

By Christopher Durso

What does best-in-class inclusion, diversity and equity leadership look like? Let’s ask the winners of ABC’s 2022 National IDE Excellence Awards.

An apartment with photovoltaic glass.
Here Comes the Sun

By David McMillin

Photovoltaic glass has never been used to help power a residential high-rise with solar energy. That’s changing with a new, 70-story building in Miami’s financial district.

Girls participate in construction activities.
Yes, She Can

By Maggie Murphy

ABC Greater Michigan is on a mission to empower young girls to explore careers in construction.

Construction Executive Cover Art
Closeout: Under One Roof

New terminal at Kansas City International Airport

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