June 2023
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June 2023 Issue

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Filling the Boomer Gap

Construction companies were already struggling with a massive talent shortage—but now its effects are being multiplied by the large-scale retirement of baby boomers, who are taking incalculable skills and experience with them. Replacing them will require finding new ways of telling the full story of what it means to be a craft professional.
Illustration showing workers with some missing workers as outlines

Design/Build/Both: ABC's 2023 Young Professional of the Year, Matt Terry

‘We’re really in the business of building people. We just happen to build buildings to do so.’
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Trading Up: ABC's 2023 Craft Professional of the Year, Jared Foster

‘I wish when I was in high school that I had what they have now, and that is people who are invested in the trades, actually pushing for people going to the trades.’
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That’ll Learn ’Em: ABC's 2023 Craft Instructor of the Year, Gabriel Galvan

‘We have an industry that’s so important—it literally builds our nation—so how can I bring people into this workforce to sustain that great need?’
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Eyes on the Prize

By Salvatore Schibell

How can you accurately project pricing in an inflationary environment? By mitigating risks, reducing costs and better managing jobs.

Illustration of a safety helmet
That About Covers It

By Grace Austin

Sorry, hard hat, but the safety helmet fits better, offers more protection, can be easily accessorized and is more comfortable.

Illustration of a calendar
One Day at a Time

By Christopher Durso

Looking for quality craft workers but lacking the time or expertise to hire and train them? The ‘supplemental labor’ model might be for you.

Auburn University's Tony and Libba Rane Culinary Science Center
Now Taking Reservations

By Christie Chapman

HPM partnered with Auburn University to plate up the Tony and Libba Rane Culinary Science Center—a delectable learning complex for the school’s hospitality students.

Crowd gathered outside a building.
Sharing Is Caring

By Maggie Murphy

ShareBuilt is a ‘“dating service” collaboration platform’ that connects charitable groups and people in need with construction professionals who can help them.

Construction Executive Cover Art
Closeout: Putting a Point on It

Billingsley Company's International Business Park in Plano, Texas

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