April 2023
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Industrial Revolution: ABC's 2023 Contractor of the Year

Performance Contractors started out as a small team working on small projects. Today, the Baton Rouge–based industrial contractor is a $1.5-billion company, a merit-shop success story—and the ABC 2023 Contractor of the Year.
Worker at Performance’s modular-assembly yard.

People, Planet and Profit

Start with green building, advance to CSR and add in other commitments to giving back and doing better—and you’ve got an environmental, social and governance program. While it might sound like a big-time investment, ESG is something that companies of all sizes can pursue.
Graphic with green earth and ESG letter tiles

Dave Walsh Checks In

The Marriott construction director talks hospitality building trends, the rise of modular construction, what he loves about his job—and why he’s a passionate advocate for careers in the skilled trades.
Marriott Construction Director Dave Walsh
Builder the Nuggest podcast logo
Mining for Gold

By Rachel E. Pelovitz

The ‘Builder Nuggets’ podcast is dedicated to ‘elevating the community’ of construction—especially when it comes to helping contractors grow their businesses past the point of managing everything themselves.

geometric design
What Lies Beneath

By Grace Austin

Public utilities account for just half of the underground utility lines in the United States. The other half are on private property—where there are no standards or requirements for locating them in advance of a construction project.

Geometric interpretation of a feedback loop
Feedback Loop

By Pamela A. Scott

Forgot the all-powerful annual review. Employee feedback is best delivered in short, frequent, focused meetings. And remember: ‘Recognition is the greatest motivator.’

Solar panels on an apartment complex roof.
What's Old Is New

By Christopher Durso

A sustainability retrofit is extending the useful life of a 50-year-old rental complex by slashing its energy consumption and boosting its energy resiliency.

Feeding Tampa Bay headquarters
‘A One-Plus-One-Equals-Three Moment’

By Maggie Murphy

A longtime supporter of Feeding Tampa Bay, Ryan Companies has found a new way to advance the hunger-fighting organization’s mission: by building its new headquarters.

Construction Executive Cover Art
Closeout: Arch Support

Winter Park Library and Events Center in Winter Park, Florida

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