Three Ways Construction Companies Can Digitally Woo Their Clients

To make a great first impression, companies need to evaluate their presence in three key areas: where their website appears on Google, Bing or Yahoo! search results; the design of their business website; and the ability to stand out on various social media platforms.
By Kelsey Fritz
June 20, 2019

Similar to any personal relationship, a customer’s first impression of a business is particularly critical because it sets the tone for all future interactions in the relationship. While those first impressions were once formed with a firm handshake and a face-to-face conversation, in today’s environment, perceptions can be shaped through many different channels. For example, customers increasingly locate companies, research their products and make purchases online now. In fact, according to, 88% of consumers are researching online before buying in-store.

To woo customers and make that great first impression, companies need to evaluate their presence in three key areas: first, where their website appears on Google, Bing or Yahoo! search results; then, the design of their business website; and finally, the ability to stand out on various social media platforms on which their consumers are already active. That may seem like an overwhelming amount to take on, so below is a quick break down of factors all construction companies should consider when assessing these particular areas.

Search Ranking

It’s apparent to almost anyone that no one really looks past the first page or two of results when searching on Google. In fact, Blue Corona reports that 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search engines. For a company to boost its ranking, there are two core ways it can do so.

  • Search engine marketing (SEM) is a paid form of marketing that increases website traffic immediately.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) helps increase traffic organically over time.

Learning how to use SEO and SEM in tandem can set a business apart from competitors, and ensure that a higher search engine ranking is achieved.

Website Design

The very best websites are ones that capture attention, extend length-of-stay and incite return visits from customers. They are also visually appealing and create an easy and seamless user experience. Meeting goals like these for a website requires simplicity, clarity, navigational guidance and responsiveness (which guarantees the site can easily display on any device). Another critical piece for a good website is having up-to-date and accurate content that conforms to modern design expectations. These strategies will help keep today’s notoriously low-attention-span users engaged and likely to buy.

Social Media

According to research by Randall Reilly, 94.2% of contractors who use social media are on Facebook, making it contractors’ most popular social media site (YouTube ranks second with 64%). With such high numbers, construction companies need to have a social media presence that can highlight their products or services, run ads for their businesses and build personal relationships with customers. By showing a fun side, while also regularly providing insightful content, businesses can quickly become names customers know and trust.

By using the above strategies to make a great first online impression, construction professionals are sure to woo many more customers before even physically interacting with them.

by Kelsey Fritz
Kelsey is a Marketing Coordinator at Trader Interactive, which specializes in providing commercial dealers and manufacturers with products and services to establish and grow their online presence in today’s market.

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