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Beyon3D, an Israeli-based robotics manufacturer, is expanding its next generation robotic technology for the construction industry to the United States and Canada. Beyon3D’s robotics manufacturing line provides concrete end products. Initially, Beyon3D will focus on semi-constructive and decorative products.

Software & In the Cloud

OpenSpace Basic 360° video capture solution gives contractors a way to create a complete, interactive digital replica of a jobsite. The contractor snaps a 360° camera to the hardhat, indicates starting location on the floor plan in the OpenSpace app, walks the site as normal and uploads the capture. OpenSpace’s computer vision technology stitches images together and pins them to the correct location on the floor plan. OpenSpace Basic is free; OpenSpace Project or OpenSpace Enterprise offer more capabilities for a fee. 

Doxel AI-powered Project Controls platform uses computer-vision-powered predictive analytics platform to tap into multiple real-time data sources on a project, such as 360-degree images, BIM and budget and schedule data, to provide predictability and control to building owners and contractors.

HCSS Aerial drone-based data analytics platform upgrades include the ability to create measurements and analytics from design items; import images to create a new annotation; make edits and adjust points in lines and polygons with automatic recalculations of measurements and analytics; upload design files and notes before the first flight; and change a map display to a specific point by entering coordinates. 

Partnerships, Acquisitions & Integrations

Verizon, Parrot and Skyward are partnering on a 4G LTE connected drone solution. Parrot ANAFI Ai connects to Verizon’s 4G LTE network provided exclusively to Skyward subscribers at no additional cost. The drone features omni-directional obstacle avoidance system, 48 MP imaging accuracy, 4K 60fps smooth videos, and up to 32 minutes of flight time in an airframe that weighs less than two pounds. 

Video & Cool Stuff

Egnyte’s State of Ransomware Research Report found AEC firms were twice as likely to experience ransomware attacks compared to other industries. Construction companies with 5,000 employees or more experienced at least one attack since the beginning of 2020, while companies with more than 1,000 employees were at the highest risk of attack. The overwhelming majority of attacks were against companies in North America. AEC firms are susceptible due to tight schedules, so they may be more likely to pay the ransom to resume operations more quickly than other industries. AEC firms, especially construction firms, have a very large attack surface because a significant portion of their workers being remote. Many also maintain a shared information environment with a range of subcontractors, which opens them to additional entry points.

n-tech Research’s global smart windows market report analyzes and forecasts the worldwide smart windows market over the coming decade. The smart windows technologies covered include electrochromic glass, SPD (suspended particle device systems), PDLC and newer variants on liquid crystal; and other smart windows technologies. The growing global focus on reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and meeting net zero mandates will result in demand for a range of technologies such as electrochromics, solar, sensors and software for building controls. Government mandates combined with incentives and development of advanced building materials and technologies will serve as powerful drivers which will, in turn, grow the smart windows market from around $300 million in 2021 to 2.6 billion in 2026.


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