What Steps Have You Taken to Make Your Office and Jobsite Operations More Sustainable, and How Has It Impacted Your Bottom Line?

“Walking the talk” brings attention and recognition to our firm, making us a trusted and respected green organization that goes beyond contracting.

Across the Country, Contractors Give Back

Check out the community service efforts of Willmar Electric Service, Shapiro & Duncan and Comprehensive Energy Services.

Giving an Old Practice a New Twist

Finding the right person, regardless of the generation, and utilizing their strengths and skills is a talent management imperative for all organizations. In fact, utilizing people’s talent in the right way can lead to more profitability than technology by itself. Remember, only people can unlock the power of technology.

Using Technology to Strengthen Communication and Build Business Relationships

Relationships are one of a construction company’s most valuable assets. A CRM system can help employees track and manage each relationship to provide the best experience possible and make sure the company is top of mind when the next job comes along.

Managing the Mobile Data Challenge

Much of the data being generated resides in the cloud and is readable only by machines employing semantic intelligence due to the sheer volume of information. Successful construction companies will work with their supply chain partners and customers to extract business intelligence from their processes and from the assets they help deliver in order to add real value.

Powering the Virtual Assembly Line

Transparency is critical to the success of workflow technologies. Whereas manual attempts to implement workflow processes throughout organizations can often fall flat, those that are integrated into the day-to-day software operations succeed in their subtlety.

Evolution or Extinction: Why Construction Business Owners Need to Drive Change in Sales Performance

Armed with the awareness that evolution must take place, and the knowledge of where the sales function is headed, it’s the owner’s responsibility to drive change within the company. Embracing this role and taking time to explore the possibilities ensures investment at the top will generate a welcome return at the bottom.

Small Business Owners’ Optimism Is Rising

Building and construction small business owners’ optimism is on the rise, according to a new study released by Hiscox, a small business insurer. Within the industry, 51 percent of manufacturing and engineering small business owners are optimistic about the year ahead for their businesses, compared to 43 percent in last year’s study.

Smithsonian Unveils $2 Billion Plan to Reimagine National Mall

  The Smithsonian Released a $2 billion plan that would reinvent the area surrounding the iconic Smithsonian Castle by creating new entrances and connecting underground galleries in what has been described as the biggest project considered for the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in more than a century.

Tax Credits Extended for One More Year

The U.S. Senate passed a one-year “tax extenders” bill Dec. 16,  retroactively renewing 55 previously expired tax credits and other key  policies for the 2014 tax year. Among the newly extended policies important to the construction industry are increased expensing levels under Section 179 and 50 percent “bonus depreciation,” both of which make investing in big-ticket items easier by allowing businesses to write off large portions of capital purchases on their taxes.
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Across the Country, Contractors Give Back
Check out the community service efforts of Willmar Electric Service, Shapiro...

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