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Ergodyne’s Skullerz® Safety Helmets with built-in Mips® technology help protect workers from angled impacts. Mips® Elevate low-friction layer slides multi-directionally to redirect rotational energy that could be transferred to the head upon falling or impact. 

Software & In the Cloud

Oracle Textura Payment Management Cloud Service helps general contractors, owners and subcontractors simplify the billing and payments process. Project participants can accelerate payments, improve lien waiver and compliance management, and make cash flow more predictable. 

Matterport’s spatial data platform automatically stitches data together and exports it into other platforms, such as BIM tools and Revit. Users can create 3D walkthroughs, generate OBJ files and point clouds for as-builts and construction documentation, and perform remote inspections. 

Newforma’s Workflow Connector for Procore is an intuitive automated system for managing submittals and RFIs. Teams can automatically exchange or transfer submittals and RFIs and retain their own copies of the project record.



Avvir’s reality analysis platform enables construction professionals to detect mistakes and take immediate action, transforming BIM into an official system of record, and take project insights to the next level with automated progress vs. schedule and earned value tracking. 


Partnerships, Acquisitions and Integrations

XYZ Reality reality-based AR solutions and SmarTwin™ digital twin technology construction adviser are partnering on HoloSite in the U.S. HoloSite enables management teams to view and position BIM on-site to millimeter accuracy, helping construction teams position objects to within construction tolerances to see when something is out of alignment. 

Trimble is collaborating with One Click LCA so users of Trimble’s Tekla BIM software can calculate carbon emissions at different phases of a project to move toward a net zero future for construction. One Click LCA’s automated lifecycle assessment software helps users calculate and reduce the environmental impacts of building and infrastructure projects, products and portfolios. Tekla users will have access to a One Click LCA carbon assessment tool in an integrated configuration with the Tekla software platform for free until the end of 2021

The integration of Zyter’s IoT platform and command center with Juganu’s connected lighting solutions platform and sensors provide a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in a city. When deployed on city streets, Juganu's network connectivity framework allows municipalities to provide public Wi-Fi and data-driven insights to develop people-centered cities and spaces. In the case of emergency events, automated alerts are sent to a dashboard for fast resolution by city administrators.

Trimble® X7 3D laser scanner and Trimble FieldLink software now integrate with Boston Dynamics' Spot® robot. The turnkey solution from Trimble, jointly developed with Boston Dynamics, facilitates autonomous operation on construction sites. Trimble's 3D data capture technology, integrated with Spot, enables a continuous flow of information between the field and the office for consistent, on-going documentation of jobsite progress. The autonomous workflow for the X7 laser scanner uses fully integrated Spot robot controls in FieldLink software to create a predefined path of waypoints for Spot to follow and collect laser scans. 

EarthCam’s fifth generation integration with Procore uses new AI object recognition technology where visual audits are automatically generated and sent to Procore. A wide-range of live webcam imagery can be pushed to the platform, producing a real-time, single source of truth to drive productivity.

Sage and Procore have launched Sage Intacct Construction and Procore Connector. The integration builds on the existing Sage and Procore partnership, which features existing integrations for Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. The Sage Intacct Construction and Procore Connector provides users with an intuitive and comprehensive view of their business, the ability to forecast from the field and real-time access to financial information. 

Procore acquired LaborChart, provider of workforce management software for specialty contractors and self-performing general contractors. LaborChart enables contractors to schedule, manage, forecast and communicate with their workforces. Procore’s Field Productivity product helps contractors track employee time and provides insights into team productivity. The integration gives contractors a holistic view of the workforce to manage, schedule and budget their labor. 

Video and Cool Stuff

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed an innovative display that shows information through clothes and other fabrics. PocketView uses LED lights to display notifications for email or messages, time, weather or other basic information. It can function as a stand-alone piece of tech or could be incorporated into existing or next-generation smart devices. Researchers say the next generation of these LED displays could be incorporated into existing devices. 


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