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EarthCam’s GigapixelCam X80 features a 360° ultra-precise, military-grade pan/tilt/zoom base and fast, responsive control over IP, 4G LTE and 5G networks. A single camera covers more ground than multiple fixed cameras to scan massive subjects, such as cityscapes, bridges and stadiums. With Sony’s 61 megapixel sensor as the core image capture device, the GigapixelCam X80 captures thousands of extreme close-up photos and stitches them together into one unified panoramic image over 80 gigapixels in size.  

Software & In the Cloud

Trimble’s Quest cloud-based SaaS estimating and budget management software for civil contractors creates a pricing database that can be reused from project to project. Once the bid is developed, Contractors, estimators and project managers can communicate changes, track and record on-site progress quantities, produce claim certificates and report on utilization of individual resources. 

Alcumus’ eCompliance Safety Intelligence reporting engine provides real-time 360-degree visibility into a company’s safety program adoption and performance with access to safety KPIs and metrics; simplified management and reporting with executive-ready dashboards; and a closed feedback loop that keeps everyone informed on performance.

Trimble® Quadri BIM collaboration software is now available in North America. Quadri provides a common data environment for 3D project models to facilitate collaboration on infrastructure projects. At the center of the integrated common data model is the digital twin, or virtual model, where users can view, manipulate and test an as-built representation of the project for IoT integration. 

Partnerships, Acquisitions & Integrations

Extracker, a cloud-based change order communication platform that creates, tracks and shares change orders and time and material tags, now integrates with Procore. Procore and Extracker customers can organize and manage change order communication through Extracker’s collaborative Change Order Log and sync Procore Change Events with Extracker COR information. 

IBM, Red Hat and Cobuilder are collaborating to co-develop OpenBuilt, which will help securely connect fragmented construction industry supply chains. OpenBuilt will offer digital solutions to help innovate and drive efficient, sustainable and safer construction projects. OpenBuilt is designed to allow companies across the global built environment and construction industry to securely connect current technology platforms and digital solutions to partners, suppliers or subcontractors in their supply chain via a single integration hub. 

Aurigo Software’s Masterworks platform now connects to Autodesk’s design tools, including AutoCAD, Civil 3D, InfraWorks and Revit. Masterworks users can visualize Autodesk design files stored in the cloud, mark them up during review processes, and send them for approval so everyone has the latest version of a project’s plans. Aurigo released a bi-directional integration between Masterworks and PlanGrid, which is part of Autodesk Construction Cloud. The integration with Autodesk's 3D BIM technologies gives users access to design files stored in the cloud instantaneously. 

Trimble and Amberg Technologies are collaborating on a tunnel survey solution that can perform a variety of underground tasks such as excavation guidance, control, automated survey and stakeout of different tunnel elements using design information. It also delivers a comprehensive module for digitalization of tunnel construction. The tunneling solution combines Trimble® S series robotic total stations with Amberg Navigator field software. 

Video & Cool Stuff

Researchers at the University of Waterloo are investigating a phenomenon known as cavitation, or the formation and collapse of destructive gas-filled bubbles resulting from rapid pressure changes in liquids. Cavitation is a common culprit in damaged water pipes for example. In extreme cases, it has led to disastrous pipe failures in hydropower plants. The researchers developed a theoretical model to predict the formation and size of large, particularly damaging bubbles based on the acceleration and velocity of fluid flow. This information will help engineers design hydraulic systems and develop operation guidelines to minimize wear and tear, avoid major failures and improve the reliability of the technology. https://uwaterloo.ca/news/media/researchers-work-will-help-pipeline-industry-limit


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