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COVID-19 Resources

BlueCats Contact Tracing Solution’s configurable, wearable technology provides real-time contact tracing and proximity alerts to enforce social distancing. SafetyTags™ individual UWB wearable devices provide accuracy and anonymity. Once a SafetyTag is associated with a person, it records interactions with other SafetyTags. Tracking is secure, anonymous and requires no personal. Contact events are stored in LoopCloud™, BlueCats’ privacy-protected database.


Microdrones’ high-resolution drone lidar survey equipment, mdLiDAR1000HR aaS, offers a mid-range price point and 90 degree field of view for both scanned points and imagery, provides a precision of.052 ft. at 1-σ when flown at 130 ft. at a speed of 18 mph. 

CarbonCure Technologies has developed a carbon removal technology that injects captured carbon dioxide into the wet concrete mix to produce low-carbon concrete mixes. The CO₂ reacts with calcium ions from cement to form a nano-sized mineral, Calcium Carbonate, which embeds in the concrete for a stronger concrete mix while eliminating the CO₂. A CarbonCure Valve Box, connected to the CO₂ tank stored onsite, automatically injects a precise dosage of CO₂ into the concrete during mixing. CarbonCure works with ready mix, precast and masonry.

Bosch Bluehound® tag-based asset management system can be applied to construction site assets from drills to trucks. Bluehound collects actionable data such as asset delivery tracking from warehouse to jobsite with notifications when the product arrives, end-of-day asset tracking, asset tracing, maintenance alerts and updates, asset assignment to jobsite, job box, warehouse and individuals, employee certification storage and document storage.

Software & In the Cloud

INSITE by 3i 3D intelligence platform lets contractors and facility managers view sites and collaborate with teams in the field. The digital twin created in the platform provides a single source of truth for teams without requiring technical proficiency. With a simple 3D camera, teams create detailed digital twin environments so remote teams can use to track progress, take accurate measurements and collaborate with coworkers within the space itself.

InEight Planning, Scheduling & Risk uses AI and data from previous projects to identify threats in current projects and recommend risk mitigation strategies. New capabilities include Multiple Risk Mitigation Assignments and Tracking for cost schedule risk assessment using AI to recommend mitigation actions with the highest probability of success; Schedule Critique for real-time assessments of the soundness of a project schedule, suggest improvements and feedback; Enhanced Risk Register the manage threats and opportunities with advanced categorization, tracking and analysis of risk; and Cost Risk that integrates risk cost and schedule.

HeadLight photo-based inspection technology allows infrastructure construction professionals to capture, interpret and utilize data from the jobsite in real-time, creating the overview needed to deliver a comprehensive and accurate picture of their work. Leveraging mobile tablets and a cloud-based solution, users can create updates on the jobsite and have a fact-based re-creation of the entire construction process.

Autodesk Tandem™ a digital twin platform harnesses BIM data created throughout the project lifecycle to create a true digital twin of the asset with a simple and intuitive digital replica of all the components, systems and spaces. AEC professionals can sign up for the public beta program.

With BrickControl project management software, contractors, A/E firms and owners can create project budgets and import price data, plan projects, measure progress, allocate expenses and analyze discrepancies. BrickControl is multi-language, multi-currency and multi-user. 

Partnerships, Acquisitions & Integrations

Autodesk is acquiring Innovyze, a provider of smart water infrastructure modeling, simulation and predictive analyses technology. The acquisition helps Autodesk provide end-to-end solutions for design, construction and operations of water infrastructure, accelerate sustainable outcomes and help communities build resilience for the future.

JLG Industries’ parent company, Oshkosh Corporation, is investing in Microvast, a global provider of next-generation battery technologies for commercial and specialty electric vehicles. The partnership, in combination with the company’s existing electrification supply chain partners, will advance the development of electrified solutions across the JLG® product line, including boom lifts, scissor lifts, low-level access lifts, vertical access lifts, stock and order picker lifts, towable lifts and telehandlers.

Verizon is acquiring incubed IT, creator of a software platform that provides autonomous navigation tools to administer, manage and optimize mixed fleets of robots in industrial settings. incubed IT employees will join the Verizon New Business Incubation team, which includes Skyward. Incubed’s products include Smart Shuttle Navigation Toolkit that transmits near real-time data to navigate autonomous mobile robots, Fleet Management Server to manage AMR Fleet and Routing Operations, and Data Monitoring and Analytics for near real-time monitoring and advanced reporting.

VR/AR collaboration platform The Wild acquired Prospect by VR software platform, IrisVR. The acquisition will bring real-time interactivity, prototyping and enhanced collaboration across multiple platforms. Prospect, a design review and coordination product, aligns with The Wild’s vision to shape the future of immersive collaboration for teams. 


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