Construction Technology and Software Rundown: July 10, 2020

Here's a rundown of the latest in construction technology and software.
By Marla McIntyre
July 7, 2020

COVID-19 Resources

BioPPE’s face masks, PPE dispensers and disinfection containers use voice-enabled technology and Alexa integration, linked by the BioPPE Wellness Linked Network System. The BioProtect Wellness Portal PPE dispenser with bio-protection capabilities, from wellness check surveying and contact tracing also displays health information and safety alerts on a 24” video display. The BioMask Bluetooth+ with cooling technology also plays music. Sterilize phones, masks, wallets, purses and other small items with the BioShield UV-C Disinfection Box with UV-C technology. The internal USB charging port collects real-time wellness data and statistics. The no-touch, quick relesase BioProtect Face Mask Dispenser comes as a wall mounted or free-standing installation and can be configured for free or revenue-generating distribution. The BioMask Antimicrobial Protective Face Mask incorporates double-layer, antimicrobial composite technology protecting the user against airborne pathogens. All BioPPE’s products can be custom branded with logos and colors.

Red e App’s HealthePassport, a comprehensive health management solution, manages real-time workflow and information for workers in the field or office. HealthePassport aggregates health inputs from employees and integrates contact tracing, including GPS-powered location tracking through a partnership with El Toro. Companies can monitor outbreaks, identify at-risk employees and expedite communications. HealthePassport generates a mobile, color-coded Passport for employees to display updated health status so they can work in safety with reduced risk of exposure.


Carta by Plott digital mapping and measuring wheel uses AR technology and a smartphone to measure and map, while the LetsPlott platform automatically calculates dimensions. Photos from a mobile device or overhead satellite images can be used to capture real-world surroundings for mapping and planning projects. The LetsPlott app includes a digital workspace to add notes, images, videos and more.

WINT Water Intelligence integrated digital platform helps contractors reduce risk of damage from burst pipes and undetected leaks on construction jobsites by detecting and stopping leaks at the source using AI. AXA XL’s Construction Ecosystem incorporates WINT and other technologies that monitor and aggregate data for real-time monitoring to identify sources of leaks and waste.

Software & In the Cloud

Criterion HCM HR and Payroll solution helps contractors manage recruiting, on-boarding, benefits management, training, performance, timekeeping (mobile, crew, individual) and payroll, with prevailing wage job rates and certified reporting. The system does labor costing and allocation by project, sub-project and task and integrates with Sage Intacct, Acumatica and Sage CRE.

The Construction Specifications Institute’s CROSSWALK connects construction technology platforms through an Application Programming Interface. The API connects to and curates versions of CSI’s MasterFormat®, Uniformat® and OmniClass® construction information classifications and standards that span decades. Designed for use by software providers, government agencies, information providers, academic institutions, BIM object developers and research organizations, CROSSWALK is the digital classification engine for the AEC and owner community.

With HeadLight’s photo-based inspection technology, inspectors capture, interpret and act on data in the field using mobile or desktop devices. Inspectors or project managers can prepare a photo-driven report and send information in real time to the office or project owners.

Adeaca Project Business Automation rolls operational project management, financial project management, ERP and CRM into one platform with access to real-time data and automation of processes. The comprehensive construction management software platform supports project financials, project operations and project analytics in real time.

Microdesk has released BIMrx Fabrication and BIMrx MEP along with updates to BIMrx Core for streamlined workflows within Autodesk Revit. BIMrx Fabrication automates tasks like tagging, spooling and hangers. BIMrx MEP enables engineers and designers to edit objects in a single interface and undergo clash detection within 3D models that display accurate spatial layouts and engineering data. The latest version of BIMrx Cloud Manager, formerly Bulk Loader, allows AECO firms to add and manage projects, users and data in Autodesk BIM 360.

Partnerships & Acquisitions

Doosan Bobcat North America and Ainstein AI, a radar technologies company, are partnering on development of next-generation radar sensor systems for Bobcat® equipment. The sensor solutions will detect objects and people, collect object position data — like range, azimuth, elevation and doppler information — for real-time alerts to operators by incorporating a combination of mmWave radar, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence. This technology will enable obstacle avoidance solutions and future technologies that support autonomous operations.

by Marla McIntyre

Marla McIntyre is a digital editor of CE This Week and She edited Construction Executive’s Tech Trends and Risk Management eNewsletters and is the author of more than 200 articles and publications, including Construction Executive’s annual technology predictions, Technology & Software Rundown column and an award-winning series for the Risk Management Association. Her extensive construction and risk management background includes stints as executive director the Surety Information Office and American Subcontractors Association of Metro Washington.

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