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A1A Software’s iCraneTrax app includes a fleet map overview of key service items, engine hour and maintenance notifications, DMI engine codes, fleet position for location tracking and a summary page. The app is available from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. 

Viewpoint’s Service Tech™ app provides service technicians with a mobile field tool to manage and review work orders, assign and update labor, collect electronic signatures, upload jobsite photos and forms, and more. The app integrates with ViewpointOne

Software & In the Cloud

InEight has added interval planning capabilities for superintendents and foremen in InEight Schedule (formerly InEight Basis). InEight Schedule combines Basis CPM scheduling interface for a balanced combination of artificial, human and risk intelligence at the program and project level with a new interval planning interface. 

Flashtract’s construction billing software streamlines construction billing and payment by leveraging technology to automatically check for missing documents, math errors and other common billing mistakes. The software sends automated reminders, collects all pay apps, checks for mistakes, generates lien waivers and creates progress and billing reports. Flashtract integrates with multiple accounting software tools. 

VR/AR collaboration platform The Wild has new additions to its BIM toolset for AEC teams’ coordination and collaboration on 3D models. The "inspect" tool gives users the ability to view in VR object-level BIM data on any element in a 3D model. A "measure" tool allows them to visualize and annotate distance in a virtual space. The "visibility" tool provides the ability to control layer visibility for SketchUp or Revit files and easily show or hide all object types in a space. An Autodesk® Revit add-in creates a space in the cloud from Revit. The wild also integrates with Autodesk® BIM 360™, allowing teams to experience their BIM 360-hosted models together. 

Trimble has been busy with several products and projects. It introduced a fully-fledged AR for outdoor construction projects and remote assist for fleet management. In addition to the XR10 with Microsoft Hololens 2 mixed reality solution, Trimble is also actively developing in the augmented reality space. Trimble, Hilti and Boston Dynamics have partnered to explore the use of autonomous robots in construction and develop a "proof-of-concept" solution. The Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanning System captures precise 3D scanning data to produce high-quality deliverables. Trimble Accubid Anywhere All-in-One Hosted Estimating Solution includes estimating functionality, graphical takeoff and managed pricing services. Trimble TruEst Cloud Estimating and Takeoff Software for mechanical contractors builds accurate estimates with graphical takeoff, material pricing and labor.

Video & Cool Stuff

B2W Software’s new survey of heavy civil construction contractors on challenges, opportunities and technology related to resource scheduling and dispatching, reveals that scheduling and dispatching problems impact project timelines and budgets on a daily basis. Nearly 75% of contractors indicated that spreadsheets, whiteboards or paper were their primary tool for managing resource scheduling and dispatching. For 91% of respondents, phone calls, emails or text messages were the main method of communicating changes in the schedule. 

NASA has awarded a $142 million contract to Maxar Technologies to robotically assemble a communications antenna and manufacture a spacecraft beam in orbit, which will take place on NASA’s Restore-L spacecraft. The Restore-L spacecraft will be modified to accommodate a payload called Space Infrastructure Dexterous Robot (SPIDER), which includes a lightweight robotic arm that will assemble seven elements to form a functional 9-foot communications antenna. The payload also will manufacture a 32-foot lightweight composite beam using technology developed by Tethers Unlimited of Bothell, Washington to verify the capability to construct large spacecraft structures in orbit. Construction capabilities in space are key to NASA’s Moon to Mars exploration approach.


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