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Brokk and Brock Rentals are upgrading the rental company’s fleet of remote-controlled demolition units with 12 next-generation models (bringing the total to 50+ remote-controlled machines), including Brokk 110s, 170s, 200s and 300s. The new models feature SmartConcept™ technology, which revolutionizes power management, design and ergonomics to maximize productivity over previous models. The intelligent electrical system, SmartPower™, protects the machine from the damage by poor power supplies while optimizing power and hydraulic performance in extreme temperatures. The machines also feature the ergonomic SmartRemote™ remote-control box. 

Leica Geosystems BLK3D Web, an online collaboration workflow, extends the Leica BLK3D imager by enabling users to share 3D measurable images online. Users can take precise, 3D measurements directly in the images it creates and with a BLK3D Publisher license, those 3D image files can be uploaded to the cloud. Once published, the 3D image files can be viewed and measured with BLK3D Web via a shared link. The Leica BLK3D integration with Autodesk BIM 360 Docs makes it easier for BIM 360 users to utilize BLK3D measurable images in the issue creation and resolution workflow.

Software & In the Cloud

TRUCE Software Management Console tools now include an Employee Utilization Dashboard so employers can manage employee access to mobile apps in designated work zones and company vehicles using contextual indicators and location-specific beacons. The Utilization Dashboard ensures the TRUCE app is operating effectively on employee devices and identifies individuals who may not be using the system properly. TRUCE uses a color-coded system—Red indicates issues that require immediate attention, such as mobile device usage in unsafe work zones or software connectivity issues or interruptions; Yellow signals potential issues that can escalate quickly, such as an unstable Bluetooth signal or a low beacon battery; and Green indicates that TRUCE is running smoothly.

TraceAir construction management software is powered by drone data and AI.  The software scans the construction site with a drone to create a topo, then the platform compares the drone topo with design documentation. 

Partnerships & Acquisitions

Autodesk and Virgin Hyperloop One have formed an alliance to explore opportunities in extending the value of BIM for transportation route optimization and improved digital engineering and construction workflows. Virgin Hyperloop One's technology features depressurized tubes that carry on-demand passenger or cargo pods at speeds of up to 670 mph, powered by magnetic-levitation and electric propulsion. By bringing in the context of the real world into the design and engineering phases of a project, Autodesk and Virgin Hyperloop One hope to efficiently calculate costs across the lifespan of a project.

OpenSpace automated 360° photo documentation and analysis integrates with the Autodesk BIM 360 construction management platform. The new integrations will streamline the creation of RFIs and Issues in the BIM 360 platform by allowing users to generate them directly from within site walkthrough images. These new capabilities join the existing integrations between OpenSpace and BIM 360, including single sign-on functionality and the embedded BIM Viewer, which allows users to interactively compare site photos side-by-side with their BIM. 

HoloBuilder is partnering with Boston Dynamics on SpotWalk for autonomous 360° reality capture to construction projects. Controlled by HoloBuilder’s SpotWalk app, the Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot can walk job sites autonomously, capturing 360° images to record project progress. Project teams can teach Spot the capture route by driving the robot using an intuitive smartphone interface. Then Spot runs autonomously on its trained path, taking pictures at defined capture locations. HoloBuilder's machine learning engine, SiteAI, analyzes the images.

Trimble, Hilti and Boston Dynamics are collaborating to integrate Trimble’s and Hilti’s construction management software solutions, GNSS technology and reality capture devices with Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot platform. Equipped with Trimble’s and Hilti’s reality capture devices as its payload and directly communicating with a cloud-based construction management application, the Boston Dynamics Spot Robot provides consistent output, deliver improved efficiency on repeatable tasks and enable up-to-date as-built data analysis. 

EarthCam is joining forces with Rubicon environmental technology company to addresses the construction industry’s sustainability practices. EarthCam’s construction camera technology will facilitate the capture of waste container contents, locations, positioning and removal operations and integrate actionable visual data, including weather and other site telemetry, with Rubicon’s SaaS platform, RUBICONConnect™. The partnership will help reduce construction debris in landfills; reduce and the carbon footprint produced by hauler vehicles; support worker safety and compliance with environmental regulations; and help monitoring compliance with LEED construction waste management plans. 

Video & Cool Stuff

Oracle is expanding its Chicago Innovation Lab, empowering more organizations to explore new technologies and strategies to bolster their digital transformation efforts. The Lab has helped construction organizations explore and test solutions from Oracle and the larger construction ecosystem in a simulated worksite environment. The Lab’s best-in-class technology partners work together in a realistic worksite environment to test how leading-edge solutions such as connected devices, autonomous vehicles, drones, AR, visualization, and AI tools can positively impact the construction industry. 

RenoRun building material delivery company now offers premium delivery service, RenoRun Pro. For a monthly fee of $100, RenoRun Pro users receive free same-day deliveries or can order 2-hour deliveries rush delivery for $30 (regularly $60).


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