Construction Technology and Software Rundown: Aug. 7, 2020

Here's a rundown of the latest in construction technology and software.
By Marla McIntyre
August 5, 2020

COVID-19 Resources

With TRUX contactless ticketing, contractors, dump truck drivers and material producers can digitally record and track data from construction projects. The eTicketing solution integrates sales orders and scale tickets for participants in the material supply chain by leveraging unified digital dispatching, hauling and site contact load tracking, and resolution software.


The American Wood Council app calculates sound transmission based on the “Technical Report 15 (TR 15), Calculation of Sound Transmission Parameters for Wood-Framed Assemblies.” The Acoustics App uses the AWC empirical model to estimate Sound Transmission Class and Impact Insulation Class values to demonstrate compliance of wood-frame floor-ceiling assemblies with these code-regulated sound transmission parameters. The free Acoustic Calculator app is available in the Android, iOS and Windows app stores.


PRECO ElectronicsPreView Sentry object detection radar for heavy duty equipment and trucking applications has a configurable detection zone and can detect objects from the face of the radar up to 98 feet. Sentry identifies the location and velocity of up to 16 people or objects simultaneously.

Software & In the Cloud

Construction Analytics powered by Trimble provides building product manufacturers of mechanical, electrical and plumbing components with transformative analytics to help digitally transform their business.

Trimble XR10 with Remote Assist combines with the Microsoft Dynamic 365 Remote Assist application for effortless collaboration. Users can remotely walk through a jobsite in real-time while communicating between the office and the field.

StructionSite’s SmartTrack intelligent project tracking software enables users to walk the jobsite recording a 360° video. AI-powered algorithms map them to the project drawing as SmartTrack translates the photo data into regular updates of installed work.

Partnership, Acquisitions & Integrations

Autodesk is investing in Bridgit Solutions, a Canada-based construction workforce planning software. The integration will enable alignment of resource planning during preconstruction and project management during site construction.

Autodesk is acquiring Pype, a provider of cloud-based solutions for automating construction project management workflows. Autodesk plans to integrate Pype products including AutoSpecs, Closeout, eBinder and SmartPlans with Autodesk Construction Cloud. Pype’s solutions leverage machine learning and AI to automatically analyze and create project management data.

Viewpoint and the Construction Financial Management Associationare partnering to provide more visibility into financial, project and industry benchmarks to help contractors deliver projects on time and on budget. Users of Viewpoint Analytics, delivered as part of the ViewpointOne construction management suite, can access data from CFMA's Financial Benchmarker directly from the product to continuously compare their financial performance against key construction industry indicators such as job profitability, liquidity and leverage, and efficiency.

HTC VIVE, in partnership with FreeRangeXR, has developed ElevateXR virtual reality training modules on occupational hazards and safety protocols. ElevateXR features simulated real-world scenarios that test users’ knowledge of safety protocols in high risk environments, addressing fall protection, lockout/tagout, and confined spaces. The VIVE Focus Plus ElevateXR Kit includes the VIVE Focus Plus, the pre- installed ElevateXR training application, and Vive’s Business and Warranty Services.

Video & Cool Stuff

Hasse Neve, researcher in construction industry productivity at the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University, and his team have linked national productivity statistics with the efficiency of the actual work done on construction sites. They found that productivity has been declining since the 1970s, primarily due to management that does not use existing methods, tools and knowledge that increases efficiency. Neve suggests using lean construction tools to eliminate waste. The study, Determining the Relationship between Direct Work and Construction Labor Productivity in North America: Four Decades of Insights is available for purchase from ASCE.

by Marla McIntyre

Marla McIntyre is a digital editor of CE This Week and She edited Construction Executive’s Tech Trends and Risk Management eNewsletters and is the author of more than 200 articles and publications, including Construction Executive’s annual technology predictions, Technology & Software Rundown column and an award-winning series for the Risk Management Association. Her extensive construction and risk management background includes stints as executive director the Surety Information Office and American Subcontractors Association of Metro Washington.

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