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COVID-19 Freebies

Librestream® is providing its Onsight Connect package (which includes virtual training sessions) at no charge and no obligation, except providing information online and giving feedback. Contractors can use the package for remote inspections of critical equipment; diagnostic assessments; and sharing content markup, visual and audio assets. Onsight Connect remote expert software runs on smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, wearables and computers. 

eSUB released the COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Toolkit for trade contractors, which includes guidance on COVID-19 facts and legislative action, how to set up an internal communications team and how often they should communicate. Also included is high-level training on how to optimize operations from remote locations. eSUB is also offering free online consultation sessions with technical experts on how to choose and deploy the communication tools. Current eSUB users can access virtual eSUB Academy training sessions at no charge. 

OpenSpace is offering the basic OpenSpace Photo for free. Contractors can manually capture site images, pin them to the correct location on floorplans, and then share remote access with stakeholders to facilitate clear RFIs. 

GRAPHISOFT is offering BIMcloud as a Service worldwide for free for 60 days to commercial ARCHICAD users worldwide to help them collaborate from home or other locations. BIMcloud was previously available in a limited number of markets, before GRAPHISOFT expanded its availability through a network of regional data centers around the world to empower remote team collaboration in the current environment.

Plexscape, developers of Plex.Earth® AutoCAD tool for AEC projects, is doubling its customers’ licenses for the next three months so they can install the software on home computers or laptops at no extra charge. Contact support@plexscape.com to upgrade an account.  


Solstice Cam wireless jobsite security camera connects to WiFi and sets up in seconds to provide live streaming, continuous recording and professional grade time-lapse technology. It features a long-lasting battery, solar panel and smart motion detection alerts.

Software & In the Cloud

Trimble has released new versions of Tekla software solutions for BIM, structural engineering and steel fabrication management. Tekla Structures 2020 offers easier modeling of complex shapes with geometry improvements, concrete rebar detailing enhancements, formworks modeling and improved hollowcore concrete detailing, as well as drawing tools. Tekla Structures 2020 Maintenance includes Trimble Connect™ collaboration platform. With Trimble Connect, constructible BIM data is extended to the field, liberating data and breaking down silos to improve coordination and project management. Tekla Structural Designer 2020 structural analysis and design software introduces data-driven design with a direct link between Tekla Structural Designer and algorithmic modeling plugin Grasshopper for exploration of different early-stage design alternatives. Tekla Tedds 2020 structural analysis and design calculation software offers further integration with Tekla Structures and Tekla Structural Designer. Tekla Structural Design Suite, a bundled product including Tedds and Tekla Structural Designer and accessed using cloud licensing, enables customers to take advantage of new product integrations. Tekla PowerFab 2020 steel fabrication management software has more flexibility in parts tracking through stations and routes on the shop floor and the ability to track external processes, such as erection, which can be shared and visualized from the field with Trimble Connect.

Vectorworks 2020 Service Pack 3 introduces partner integrations with Enscape for real-time rendering and VR solutions and NBS Chorus for holistic BIM environment along with updates for users of its BIM, landscape and entertainment design product line. Vectorworks Spotlight 2020 SP3 re-engineered lighting devices and Schematic Views for better project sharing and display. The Vectorworks Cloud Services web portal can transfer a “style” of one image to another through machine learning. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect (formerly PlanGrid Connect) supports integrations for BIM 360, BuildingConnected and PlanGrid. BIM 360 updates include data connector preview, issue templates, pin issues to locations, item based submittal workflow, RFI workflow enhancement, design risk for executives, report enhancements, card library enhancements, meeting minute enhancements, permissions API, share file and cost management integrations. PlanGrid updates include RFI step back, filter and sort submittals on mobile, view custom form drafts, photo and video enhancements, in addition to custom form API.

Skedulo’s Deskless Productivity Cloud manages work and organizes schedules; has mobile apps that encourage collaboration; analyzes work results and scheduling patterns to improve service delivery; configures a flexible solution tailored to existing business workstreams; and extends the deskless environment to interoperate seamlessly with the surrounding technology ecosystem.


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