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Company Highlights
  • Estimates - Create detailed cost estimates with pinpoint accuracy
  • Takeoffs - Perform quick on-screen takeoffs from your blueprints
  • Integrations - Connect seamlessly with back-office business applications
  • Reports - Create professional-looking proposals that elevate your brand
  • CRM - Easily manage vital prospect and customer information

Mobile devices have fundamentally changed how people live, work and communicate, creating important new opportunities for construction companies. In fact, in light of recent COVID-19 workplace restrictions, having a cloud-enabled estimating platform in place has helped some contractors flourish while others are forced to wait on the sidelines, wondering when and if conditions will normalize.

The Key to Business Continuity and Growth

“It’s clear that our mobile-ready estimating platform is vital to business continuity for many of our clients,” says Jeff Gerardi, CEO of ProEst and an early advocate of cloud-based construction technology. “Now, they can work without interruption to win bids anytime and from anywhere, which translates into a better bottom line, even in a challenging market.”

New Levels of Connection and Collaboration

Construction companies also find that a web-based estimating solution accessed by mobile devices breaks down process barriers and facilitates communication, giving teams a better way to collaborate and coordinate tasks in real time. Not only does ProEst’s online platform help estimators and field personnel engage in collective decision-making, it significantly reduces data errors. By providing a centralized hub of information—unlimited in scope and available any time—data can be accessed and shared by every project stakeholder. For ProEst client Wallace Perkins, director of operations for Vantis, moving to the cloud-based platform was the best decision his company could have made. “Compared to what we have today with ProEst, I never want to go back.”

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