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Today, many contractors are still relying on manual processes using paper drawings and highlighters, or 2D PDFs to capture installation data. This is time-consuming, often inaccurate, outdated and difficult to share.

The ICT Tracker mobile app replaces manual methods by digitizing the process using augmented reality (AR) on tablets already in use in the field. No need for expensive scanning equipment when all that’s needed is a 3D model, a tablet and ICT Tracker. The field can quickly and accurately determine what has been installed based on the actual model.

The user downloads the 3D model into ICT Tracker app and syncs it to the system being tracked on the jobsite. The user then sets the status, such as “installed,” “not installed,” “needs re-work,” or any custom status such as cost codes to identify earned value of percent installed. Imagine tracking multiple phases such as mechanical elements; hung, connected, tested, or inspected to calculate the total percent complete. In addition, the user can identify elements that will be grouped or batched to release for fabrication prior to the actual installation.

The essential deliverable with ICT Tracker is the data. A report is automatically generated with any metric desired such as linear feet, pounds, cubic yards, board feet or by pieces. Data is immediately available to view in spreadsheets or integrate into project management systems or software such as Procore.

ICT Tracker is the “must-have” app to track resource and labor productivity both before and during installation. It is no secret that when project managers can accurately plan and adjust schedules based on real-time project status, they can easily save time and turn that time into increased productivity and profits.

Product Highlights
  • Data-rich, real-time reporting for project installation productivity status 
  • Uses augmented reality (AR) on an iPad for a truly mobile experience that is simple to use and implement
  • Track systems, status or phases of a project based on any model element
  • Replaces inaccurate manual methods by leveraging existing project design or 3D models

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