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Foundation Software knows Christmas is a magical season, and while contractors might feel like FOUNDATION® construction accounting software is magic for their business, it’s really all in the software.

For example, there aren’t any elves that appear at night to help finish daily tasks with FOUNDATION—that’s just the work of the software and its integrations. Contractors simply need to input job data and it merges within other programs without you having to update a thing. From popular project management and estimating software to a full construction payroll service through Payroll4Construction.com, FOUNDATION and its integrations save time with data entry—no elves required.

With FOUNDATION’s mobile timecard, field log and dispatch options, project managers and supervisors don’t need a sleigh or flying reindeer to get data from the field to the office. Employees can send and approve timecards, update job notes and manage dispatches right from the jobsite. And, best of all, the data syncs remotely into FOUNDATION without needing to travel the globe  or budget for reindeer food.

FOUNDATION also isn’t delivered by a guy in a red suit—at least not usually. But with both on-premise and cloud-based SaaS solutions available, contractors can feel like they’re on the “nice list” by having access to their data in the format of their choosing.

When contractors use FOUNDATION for their accounting, there’s no magic involved but, sometimes, it can feel like it. To see what other things FOUNDATION can do, check out a demo at foundationsoft.com.

Product Highlights
  • Job cost accounting, project management and more
  • Cloud and on-premise options
  • Integrations with estimating and other software
  • Mobile timecards and field log
  • Developed and supported by only one company for 35 years

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