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Explorer Software is a global provider of enterprise software solutions. Their flagship product, Eclipse, is an integrated job cost, accounting, equipment control, and project management solution. Eclipse was designed to deliver powerful, real-time data to users wherever they are, whenever they need it.

With Eclipse’s dashboards, users can measure, control and analyze projects from start to finish in one convenient place. Their intuitive tools make it easy to create custom graphs and reports without needing extensive database knowledge. Users can simply select the fields they want, then drag and drop them into place to create reports, charts and manage key performance indicators to ensure they stay ahead of their competition.

Explorer’s Eclipse software delivers tangible results through their combination of project management and advanced accounting modules, which include easy-to-use-and-understand analytical tools that are designed to give users the power to run their businesses more efficiently.

Eclipse is fully integrated so users can manage jobs, maintain equipment, dispatch technicians, manage documents and track the workforce all in one place. With more than 30 modules, Eclipse bridges the gap between accounting and operations so users can create a more efficient organization. Their Uplink tool allows companies to easily incorporate data between outside/third-party systems. Their focus on select vertical markets allows them to deliver deep domain expertise to the industries they serve, including heavy construction, general contractors, specialty contractors, sub-trades, architects and engineers. With more than 50,000 users across six continents, Explorer Software has created a powerful solution that is helping the construction industry find success worldwide.

Product Highlights
  • Fully integrated browser-based solution
  • Built by construction professionals for the construction industry
  • User-friendly, non-technical report writer
  • Explorer has never end-of-lifed a product
  • Choose from onsite or SaaS deployment options
  • Privately owned family business

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