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‘Twas the night before payroll and all through the office,
everyone was stirring, even the bosses.
The timecards were scattered, and reports weren’t complete,
why didn’t these numbers match the balance sheet?

Calculating taxes and deductions by hand,
it was clear the payroll staff was undermanned.
Plus, with year-end coming and W-2s still unfinished,
their chances of having the holiday off soon diminished.

If only they used a construction payroll service to ease their worry,
Payroll4Construction.com could get their complex payroll done in a hurry!

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of town,
for the holiday, a different office had already closed down.
Because Payroll4Construction.com did their pay run,
it was finished—completely and fully done.

Employees’ deposits were made—checks printed, stuffed and mailed.
And through eAccess, employees could see stubs and history, all finely detailed.

For the managers, reports were there, too:
certified, union and job costing, to name just a few.
By quickly downloading the formatted reports they needed,
they could easily see which jobs had succeeded.

And nobody lost sleep, even nearing year-end,
since Payroll4Construction.com had employees’ W-2s ready to send.

Now, not to let things get too sappy,
But it’s a holiday story, so it should end up happy:

The first office finished, working all through the night
but called Payroll4Construction.com at first morning’s light.
After, the office let out such a cheer,
for Payroll4Construction.com helped their payroll problems disappear!

Visit Payroll4Construction.com to get a quote today.

Product Highlights
  • Payroll4Construction.com is the complete payroll service just for  contractors
  • Easily create timecards with multiple states, rates and trades
  • Automatically create formatted print and electronic certified payroll reports
  • Integrations with your favorite software and apps, including QuickBooks® and FOUNDATION®

Take back your holiday!


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