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Adopting new technologies that improve efficiency is a growing trend among construction companies, especially in this tight labor market. To meet client service, budget and quality expectations despite a limited skilled workforce, it’s imperative to choose digital tools that save money, simplify workflows and enhance communication.

With an abundance of construction management software available in the construction industry today, determining the best solution for streamlining operations while driving increased value for your company and clients requires careful consideration. A comprehensive software solution that reduces the number of tools and people needed to manage construction projects, automates the flow of information and enhances team collaboration should be sought to maximize profitability and outperform the competition.

For nearly 20 years, Corecon Technologies has empowered construction business owners with a holistic approach to automating construction operations by combining various software functions into one broad and deep solution. The firm’s flagship product, Corecon V8, is a cloud-based construction software suite touching all aspects of construction operations from business development through project closeout. The comprehensive platform includes modules for lead tracking, estimating, project management, job cost control, scheduling, quality control and safety. Corecon V8 also integrates with accounting software and has online team collaboration functionality for project stakeholders via its TeamLink Portal. 

Designed to serve the needs of a mobile construction workforce, Corecon is accessible at any time from any place using a web browser or mobile app. The intuitive software suite also has a clean and fast user interface making it easy to learn and operate.

For more information, visit corecon.com

Product Highlights
  • Cloud-based
  • Track job opportunities and awarded projects
  • Modules for estimating, project management, job cost control and scheduling
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • Mobile app for field staff
  • Unlimited Teamlink Portal logins to collaborate with clients, vendors and architects
  • Enterprise-grade
  • Fully integrated with many small and large accounting systems

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