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With losses estimated at $1 billion annually* in the US alone, theft of equipment and supplies from construction sites creates costly delays, and unauthorized access increases injury and liability risks.

Twenty20 Solutions provides security technology and smart video surveillance to your sites. Their solutions leverage leading-edge technology to provide a variety of innovative security options that do not require power or connectivity while giving unprecedented visibility to your sites.

View Sites Remotely

Twenty20 Solutions provides real-time access and visibility to what is happening on your site via their web-based platform. Available from any location and device, you can see your sites in real time or access events to keep track of activity, even when you are not on site. You can monitor your workers, site progress and after-hour activity online any time

Deter Crime

Many construction sites are only secured with temporary fencing, which makes them prime targets for criminals. With security solutions from Twenty20, you can stop crime before it happens with real-time visibility to your sites from any location.

Minimize Delays

Crime and vandalism can cause work delays for your crew. Only 10-15% of stolen construction equipment is recovered by authorities. Damaged or stolen equipment and materials will push your timelines back and increase your expenses. Your best option to avoid these costly delays is to stop criminals before they strike with proactive security and site surveillance.

Construction site security surveillance is the best option to safeguard your site against costly losses and incidents while keeping you apprised of all activity while workers are on site as well as during off hours.

Product Highlights
  • Rapid deployment solutions
  • Stand-alone security systems operate with no power or connectivity
  • Integrated view of sites via cloud-based dashboard visible on any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Real-time video insights and historical reports
  • AI-enabled software increases efficiency and reduces false alarms
  • Time lapse video available

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*National Equipment Registry estimate


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