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Until recently, concrete producers would prepare concrete and have little control over any adjustments after it left their plant. Even upon arrival at the jobsite, they would still have no visibility. Even seemingly small issues such as traffic delays or excess heat could impact the consistency of the concrete.

That’s why GCP Applied Technologies created the VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system. The VERIFI® system includes sensors mounted on the truck to monitor the truck location, measure the properties of the concrete and manage the concrete via additions of water or admixture. These features ensure that each load of concrete arrives on the jobsite exactly how the contractor ordered, and ready to pour.

The sensors collect real-time data on slump, temperature, drum speed, truck location and any fluid additions. This data gives producers visibility into performance throughout the entire delivery cycle while the automatic management of concrete improves consistency and quality.

“The value that VERIFI brings to our company is increased quality of our concrete,” says Kathy Redmon, director of concrete products for Graniterock, a construction materials and contracting company. “It allows us to refine mixes so that they’re more cost-effective.”

Each load of concrete is managed in the same way, by a designated number of revolutions, as well as a consistent amount of fluid added. Contractors will notice improved consistency from load to load, allowing for a consistent set and increased jobsite productivity.

Learn more at gcpat.com/verifi.

Product Highlights

Monitor. Measure. Manage.

Measuring concrete slump with a metal cone is officially old-fashioned. 

With the VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system, ready mix concrete producers can now shave off priceless minutes from the process of measuring and testing concrete on site. 

Instead, constantly measure and adjust concrete properties, while in transit.

Use in-transit concrete management


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