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The HoleMole™ Core Hole Filling System is an ingenious and highly effective method for filling core holes that will save considerable time while also eliminating potential safety hazards.

The traditional method for filling core holes calls for installation of a plywood board to the underside of the hole in the floor below as a plug to prepare for filling. This takes valuable time and involves climbing ladders, power lifts, power tools, etc., all of which create safety issues and disrupt whatever might be happening on that floor. The imaginative problem solvers at HoleMole have developed a system that employs a clever, expandable “Mole.” The expandable Mole is a 16-gauge circular steel device (available in five sizes), which collapses in order to fit down the core hole and expands to pull up against the floor, serving as a hole plug. This replaces any necessary plywood and eliminates the need to go to the floor below. The Mole works in tandem with a wall applicator that enables the same system to be used on vertical surfaces. HoleMole says that by following these three easy steps you can fill a core hole in just 60 seconds:

  1. Connect the threaded rod to the Mole and lower through the hole. The Mole will collapse to fit through the hole. Once through the hole, pull the Mole up to create a plug.
  2. Position the stand over the hole and use the Speed Nut to secure the rod to the stand.
  3. Connect the Speed Chute to the stand and pour hole-filling product through the chute, into the hole. Smooth the product to the floor. Once set, break off the rod.

It’s that easy!

The team at HoleMole is so confident in their system, that they offer the HoleMole Faster Guarantee. If the HoleMole Core Hole Filling System does not prove to be far faster and much safer than traditional core hole filling methods, they will buy the system back, no questions asked. That’s how a company stands behind its product.

Product Highlights

There are three components that make the HoleMole™ System truly innovative:


The Mole collapses to fit down the hole then expands to act as a plug.

Mole Stand 

The Mole Stand holds the Mole in place as you pour hole-filling products into the hole.

Speed Nut 

The Speed Nut holds the threaded rod onto the stand. The nut slides onto the rod without turning.

Save time and money with HoleMole


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