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Company Highlights
  • Designed just for the unique payroll needs of construction
  • Mobile app with geotagging and timecard signatures  
  • Staffed by APA-certified professionals
  • An “Inc. 5000” fastest-growing private company (2015-19) 
  • Active ABC Business Partner
  • Part of the Foundation Software family
  • Basically, a no-brainer for contractors

Virtually every week, contractors who hear about it can’t believe a service like Payroll4Construction.com exists. Jim Welsh frequently has these conversations as the company’s lead sales rep. “They literally ask, ‘Yeah, but do you do certifieds?’ Absolutely. ‘OK, great, but what about my taxes?’ We file those for you. And we’ll cut your paychecks, run your direct deposits, and if you have some employees that do checks and some that do deposits,” he adds, “we’ll do both.”

After making the initial move to outsource payroll, a lot of contractors experience headaches. “I hear it all the time,” Jim Welsh says. “These payroll companies do a great job with the actual processing, but when you say that you’ve got a guy working across multiple states and jobs with different taxes, they don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s hard to make that work in another system.”

As a result, contractors can feel stuck between a rock and a hard place; but there’s a third option. “You’re struggling to make this decision to outsource work, but you don’t want to bring it back in-house—that’s a tough position to be in,” he comments. “That’s where I usually have a company just take a look at what we do. I take them through our system, and we look at our reports together. A demo usually takes about 30 minutes online.”

Because Payroll4Construction.com uses job cost construction software, it’s easy for contractors to submit the timecard information and simply let the correct rates pull in automatically—even multiple states, jobs and trades. “Just enter your payroll with our online portal. Or you can use our mobile app, or if you have a timekeeping app you love, we likely integrate with it—we can work with you. Electronic certified payroll reports, new hire reports, W-2s, they’ll all be online for you.”

That’s it? “That’s it. Your payroll’s done,” Jim says. “And whenever you have questions, we’re here.”

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