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CMiC develops, markets, sells and supports enterprise solutions for the construction industry. Founded in 1974 and headquartered in Toronto, CMiC serves hundreds of customers, primarily in the United States and Canada. CMiC’s customers—which range in size from $25 million to billions in annual revenue—span the spectrum of construction firms, from general, specialty and heavy/highway contractors to project owners, including commercial enterprises and government agencies. CMiC’s powerful software transforms how firms optimize productivity, minimize risk and drive growth by planning and managing all financials, projects, resources and content assets—all from a Single Database Platform™. 

To match a broad spectrum of IT environments, CMiC can be deployed as an on-premise platform; in a private cloud (platform-as-a-service); or as part of a multi-tenant Cloud (Software-as-a-Service). In addition, CMiC offers a suite of mobile solutions that extends its comprehensive functionality and ease-of-use to smartphones and tablets—for anytime, anywhere access.

Innovation is the cornerstone of CMiC’s business model. CMiC relies on innovation on two essential fronts: its product strategy and the way it manages its customer lifecycle. Since the early 1990s, when CMiC decided to focus on construction exclusively, the product development approach has been to architect, design and deliver the full spectrum of enterprise resource planning and project management functionality built upon a single database. This is not the easiest or least expensive approach, but it is the one that delivers the greatest long-term value to construction firms.

CMiC has remained true to this approach by building world-class innovation into its platform instead of purchasing third-party technologies. In fact, CMiC’s innovation has produced a number of “firsts” in construction: first web-based application (2000); first embedded project management solution (2001); first embedded opportunity management capabilities (2003); first embedded collaboration management functionality (2005); first enterprise content management for construction (2008); first SaaS offering with full enterprise-class capabilities (2014); first enterprise mobile applications including project control (2015); first ERP for construction seamlessly connecting the back office with field operations (2016); first embedded business analytics capabilities (2017); first Cloud-based collaboration platform for general contractors and their partners (2018). 

Innovation also drives how CMiC manages the full lifecycle of its customers. The needs of construction companies are unique and, for contractors and capital projects firms to grow profitably, they need to run their financials, assets, resources, content and projects very tightly. Recognizing this early on, CMiC has built in-house teams that are fully accountable for the different stages of a customer’s lifecycle: discovery; solution showcasing; deployment planning and execution; ongoing support and customer success; product direction and future road-mapping. Instead of relying on partners or outside resources to execute any of these customer lifecycle stages, CMiC helps its customers realize their market potential by controlling the quality, timeframes, deliverables and synergies associated with all phases of the lifecycle. As with its approach to product development, managing the full customer lifecycle in-house is not the easiest or least expensive option, but it creates the greatest customer value.

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