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For nearly four decades, Computer Guidance has provided quality, innovative software solutions that transform commercial contractors’ business challenges into profitable results. They seek to leverage their 50,000-plus clients’ industry expertise, understand their needs and develop partnerships so that every keystroke returns superior results, on time and on budget.

Computer Guidance’s integrated applications help automate and manage financials and operations— including payroll, job costing, equipment, time and material, project management, etc.—with far fewer steps through a more user-friendly interface.

The platform can be adapted to meet a contractor’s needs, regardless of size, type or complexity. Furthermore, the web- and cloud-based technology is accessible by anyone, either in the field on a hand-held device or in the office.

By providing the data they need, Computer Guidance empowers field personnel to make more productive, informed decisions. This works both ways, as field data is immediately accessible in the home office, thereby encouraging collaboration between the office and field with its suite of shared tools.

Construction Guidance’s eCMS job costing and payroll functionality is unparalleled in the market, as it can be used by smaller companies with 50 employees or larger companies with 5,000 or more. It can also support unique payroll needs, such as union/non-union arrangements and single/multi-state regulatory disparities.

All of the data is in one place, where it can be easily found, manipulated, interpreted or incorporated into the overall work process. As an added benefit, Computer Guidance’s business intelligence tool enables users to create their own reality in the system.

Product Highlights

Computer Guidance can be adapted to meet your unique needs regardless of size, scope and complexity, delivering data and automation for smarter construction. The construction-specific, web-based, cloud ERP platform has it all:

  • Accessibility
  • Scalability
  • User-Friendliness
  • Reliability
  • Mobility

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