March 2023
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A Shock to the System

Plugging into electric vehicle infrastructure means understanding regulatory mandates, identifying hot sectors—and staying ahead of what’s coming next.
Electric vehicle charging

In Her Boots

Project superintendent Tonia Jackson opens up about loving the dirt, managing her crew and being a woman in construction—and she pulls no punches.
Project superintendent Tonia Jackson

The Secret Sauce: ABC's 2023 Top Performers

Organizational culture marks the difference between a good and a great place to work. According to ABC Top Performer companies, it includes everything from leadership, safety and health to innovation, salary and benefits.
Hot sauce bottle labeled Secret Sauce
Handcuffs on a table
To Catch a Thief

By Christopher Durso

National Roofing Partners lost more than $1 million to a trusted executive’s embezzlement. The company wants to make sure no one else goes through that.

Hand holding a megaphone
Hear, Hear!

By Grace Austin

It’s too easy to overlook or ignore hearing protection onsite. One solution? Bluetooth-enabled ‘anti-passive-hearing technology’ that goes beyond simply covering up someone’s ears.

Basketball hoop in arena
Scouting Report

By Rachel E. Pelovitz

College sports is an underutilized farm system for employers in the market for team-oriented, goal-focused talent. Here’s one way to connect student athletes with careers in construction.

JM Family Enterprises headquarters
Building a Best Place to Work

By Christine Chapman

Kaufman Lynn partnered with JM Family Enterprises on a $150-million overhaul of the company’s headquarters designed for the workforce of today and tomorrow.

 Participants at Arizona Builders Alliance’s annual toy drive
Yes, Arizona, There Is a Santa Claus

By Maggie Murphy

The Arizona Builders Alliance’s annual toy drive provides holiday cheer for hundreds of underprivileged children.

Construction Executive Cover Art
Closeout: Tunnel Vision

Land bridge over Houston Memorial Park

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