June 2024
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June 2024 Issue

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The Legal Landscape

From recent developments in payment laws and complications with change orders to a reshuffling of risk in contract language, new challenges to DEI policies and more—partners at some of CE’s 2024 The Top 50 Construction Law Firms™ pass judgement on the legal issues most relevant to builders and contractor of all sizes.
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From ABC: In Defense of Free Enterprise

An overview of recent federal regulatory policies affecting the construction industry—and how Associated Builders and Contractors is pushing back on the ones that most disrupt fair and open competition.
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Worth It: ABC's 2024 Young Professional of the Year Mike Menke

Young Professional of the Year Mike Menke: ‘My biggest career accomplishment is the opportunities that I’ve been able to gain to teach others.’
a headshot of Mike Menke, ABC's 2024 Young Professional

Doing the Work: ABC's 2024 Craft Professional of the Year Joseph Ahrens

Craft Professional of the Year Joseph Ahrens: ‘It’s not who you know but how hard you work that will decide your future in this merit industry.’
Joseph Ahrens, ABC's 2024 Craft Professional

A Lesson Plan for Life: ABC's 2024 Craft Instructor of the Year Paul Asselin

Craft Instructor of the Year Paul Asselin: ‘It’s up to them what success means to them. But I would hope that they constantly evolve and take the little bit that I taught them and build on that to build themselves a great career.’
a headshot of Paul Asselin, ABC's 2024 Craft Instructor
Construction Executive Cover Art
Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

By Tracy Winn

While silent leadership is easy to overlook, it can play a key role in forming deeper and more meaningful connections with work crews, subcontractors, clients, suppliers and stakeholders.

Construction Executive Cover Art
Beat the Heat

By Ken Budd

Summers are increasingly sizzling. Think you know everything about heat-related illnesses—including how best to keep your workers safe and healthy? Take our quiz.

Construction Executive Cover Art
All Inclusive

By Christopher Durso

The winners of ABC’s 2023 National Excellence in Inclusion, Diversity and Merit Awards set the standard when it comes to building the 21st-century workforce.

Construction Executive Cover Art
History Repeating

By Grace Calengor

Trimble used its scanning and data-sharing technology to bring the ancient Library of Celsus back to life in the virtual world.

Construction Executive Cover Art
Angels Among Us

By Maggie Murphy

In the wake of the recent bridge collapse in Baltimore, Construction Angels did what it was founded to do: stepped up to serve the families devastated by the loss of six road-crew workers.

Girls participate in construction activities.
Yes, She Can

By Maggie Murphy

ABC Greater Michigan is on a mission to empower young girls to explore careers in construction.

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