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The COVID-19 is a worldwide wildcard. Around the globe, organizations are forced to communicate with a wide variety of audiences. Audiences range from employees to customers and vendors—and more. A pandemic of this nature is new for the modern globalized workforce. Societies realize the breadth of international influence involved in a single supply chain now more than ever before. Domestically based organizations realize their place in the larger global system—and the construction industry is a perfect example.

Here are key questions for leaders to ponder.

1. Who are your audience groups?

In a wildcard situation, organizations are often tasked with communicating to many different audience groups and stakeholders. So, take some time to think beyond the groups that come top-of-mind such as customers, vendors, partners and owners.

  • Does the organization have any community-based events on the calendar?
  • Does the organization have professional development sessions on the calendar?
  • Does the organization have planned maintenance or facilities work scheduled with third parties?
  • Does the organization have interns or apprenticeship programs with local colleges?
2. What about the employees?

Often the larger the organization, the more complex the staffing structure proves to be. Consider the nuances associated with working from home and remote work.

  • How does communication from organizational leaders shift to reach employees who are working from home?
  • What avenues of communication are leaders encouraging employees to use?
  • How might meetings be restructured for a virtual environment?
  • What expectations does the organization have for employee communication while working virtually?
3. What about the customer pipeline?

As operations for some businesses in the construction industry come to a screeching halt, other organizations may experience a reduction in demand.

  • How might the organization keep prospects engaged over the next few weeks?
  • What digital strategies are available for the organization to enlist from a marketing perspective?
  • What value may come from crafting a digital-only content strategy for business development?
4. How can an organization express support to its greater community? 

Each context and geography are completely unique. As COVID-19 moves through the world in different ways and at different rates, the aftermath of this wildcard is still uncertain and unknown. However, one thing is for sure. Each community will be left with its own set of needs and shortfalls that accompany the pandemic.

Consider identifying a task-team to lead the organization’s response to the needs of the greater community. In the pandemic aftermath, there is opportunity for the organization to communicate with and support the community in new ways.

COVID-19 continues to show the world that we are all global citizens who are connected in more ways than individuals may have ever realized. As leaders in the construction industry, now is the time for thoughtful and thought-filled communications.


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