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UAVs are the future of the construction industry. From accurate 3D modeling simulations to regular safety and maintenance checks, UAVs can improve construction projects in many ways—and the value and applications for UAVs is consistently growing. Drones are agile, cost-effective and safe.

Here are some reasons why UAV surveys should be part of any construction project.

1. UAV scans are much faster than human inspections

Drones can cover large territory much faster than human inspectors can. They can also be used over more difficult terrain, and they can survey areas that are otherwise inaccessible. A drone survey can be completed in a day; not only does this mean that the territory is well-surveyed each time, but it also means surveys can be done more frequently.

Construction projects need to be inspected regularly and on time if the project is to meet its deadlines. Delayed construction projects can cost a company millions of dollars, as construction projects need to be completed stage by stage, usually on a strict timeline. Drones will improve the consistency of the project and, in turn, this will improve the reputation of the company itself.

2. UAV scans are safer, especially in high-rise buildings

Even with the proper safety precautions, accidents can still happen. A drone is replaceable; a human life is not. UAV scans are a safer way to inspect areas such as high-rise buildings. Human inspectors would need to walk across structures that have not yet been completed, which could be very dangerous for them. Many accidents can occur during high-rise inspections or during inspections at night.

Falling accidents are among the most dangerous and fatal in the construction industry. Regardless of harnesses and other protective actions, accidents can happen. Drones can inspect all the areas that a human inspector can, much faster and without any associated danger.

3. UAV scans help identify problems in projects early

UAV scans help identify problems in projects early, when they’re still fixable, without spending thousands or millions of dollars. UAV scans will identify areas in which the project isn't being constructed per specifications. UAVs can also be used to scan terrain in advance, identifying potential issues such as areas where the ground would need to be leveled.

Through UAV scans, construction projects can avoid mistakes and rework. These are issues that used to be commonplace in the construction industry, but can be avoided through the right data and planning.

4. UAV scans can improve the security of a project

Frequent UAV scans can help the security as well as the safety of a project. UAVs can capture video, much like alarm systems, identifying potential intruders or issues with the perimeter. Many construction sites have issues with break-ins, with criminals attempting to steal construction materials while the work site is closed. Being able to secure the perimeter of the property can help. Having visible drone scans throughout the project can act as a deterrent.

5. UAV scans can improve the maintenance of a project after it's completed

Once a construction project has been finished, UAVs can be used to improve the overall maintenance of the project. UAVs can be used to scan a completed project for potential issues before they become serious, interacting with scanners (such as temperature gauges) to identify wear on equipment and parts. For commercial or industrial construction projects, UAVs can become a part of the routine and regular maintenance.

Scans of a completed construction project can be used to simulate the design in 3D and modify the design of the project, thereby making it easier to make improvements later.

6. UAV scans are a cost-effective and affordable method of improving a construction project

The benefits conveyed by UAV scans are cost-effective, improving the construction project's bottom line. Not only do UAVs improve safety, but they also reduce the costs associated with an injury or accident onsite.

When UAV scans are used, individual personnel don't need to be deployed—therefore, work hours are reduced. Incidents will go down, which will ultimately reduce insurance rates, as well as the fallout and the delays from the associated incidents.

UAV surveys are becoming a critical part of any construction project, as a way of saving time and money while bolstering safety and security. Moreover, they're a simple and cost-effective addition, and they are becoming more useful and versatile all the time.


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