Five Tips for Growing Successful Businesses With the Warrior Spirit

These five tips don't only apply to the office. Use them to also strengthen your home and social life—which will make your business that much better.
By Zachary L Green
May 23, 2023

“A warrior is someone who fights through everything that tries to bring them down. A warrior is someone who is selfless and resilient. … They fight through the tired, they fight through the stress and the anxiety. They are special.” This definition captures not only the very heart of a warrior, but also the essence of the Soldier's Creed and Warrior Ethos. This includes the vow of every U.S. Army recruit to place the mission first, never to accept defeat, quit or leave a fallen comrade and to always serve the people of the United States.

Right now, there are more than 1.3 million U.S. military personnel exemplifying these mandates on active duty, while nearly 10 million retired veterans are currently employing those skills, mindsets and discipline within the American job market. In fact, the construction industry is one of the largest beneficiaries of this veteran presence, which now makes up more than 6% of the jobs in the field, according to Statistic.

Loyalty, the ability to overcome challenges under pressure and teamwork are just a few of the qualities that many of these veterans have brough to the construction field—all essential characteristics for an industry in direct need of skilled, dedicated laborers possessing the warrior spirt. This particular disposition includes making an impact and imparting knowledge and wisdom to others, while also embracing resistance, adversity and the opportunities for growth. Other key ingredients include:

Teamwork: This is vital to military training and no less important when it comes to business practices. Not everyone is good at everything. However, most will blossom if provided the proper niche. Personal growth is linked to interest, focus, dedication and motivation. The sooner this concept is embraced, the sooner success can be achieved. The division of labor, the delegation of chores and the diversity of thought and skills are critical elements to an organization seeking to grow and thrive.

Purpose and adaptability: This is the driving force behind every successful venture. And it doesn’t just happen. Everything in life, including each individual’s experiences, leads to a purpose or the ultimate motivation to achieve and make a difference. A purpose that is not rooted in experience is most likely just robotic behavior. And this again is at the core of any successful business—the drive to win when fate isn’t on your side, change when change is needed and overcome adversity with honor and dignity. These are all characteristics that don’t occur automatically. But they are the ones that will help organizations right the ship when the tides are seemingly drifting away and/or find the new pathways to success, which may include the introduction of new products, services, processes and procedures.

Confidence: Confidence is the means by which purpose is achieved. It can arise from a strong sense of focus or the individual’s beliefs, ideals and morals. Nevertheless, confidence—and trust—must come from within and represent the leader or entrepreneur’s true sense of self and vision. It is also the difference between quitting and never giving up. This means carefully aligning purpose with the organization’s business interests, knowing your customers and the changing needs of the marketplace and trusting the right people whenever their input is needed.

Grit: This indicates an ability to defy the odds in the face of adversity and the strength to overcome hurdles while accomplishing the mission. Reality is filled with challenges. Giving up is easy and success is hard. These are the undeniable, simple facts of life. When beset with seemingly insurmountable odds, remember that the military will always emphasize the success of the mission and troop welfare above all else. The warrior mindset encourages business leaders to achieve peak potentials by looking beyond personal limitations. Take well-calculated risks, solve problems and become the organization that never gives up. This is the business that customers and employees alike will look upon with respect, trust and loyalty.

Serenity: It’s nearly impossible to enjoy the fruits of your labor without a deep respect for the warrior’s mental health. Nothing matters if unhappiness is crippling the ability to feel safe, competent, successful and loved. But an ongoing series of mistakes, complaints and rejections can make even the strongest individuals doubt themselves. Stress and self-doubt are poisons that can eventually ruin not only someone’s mental but also their physical health.

That’s why it’s important to seek the help of supportive individuals. View failures as learning experiences that are constantly revealing new pathways for success and opportunity. And, most importantly, seek the advice and support of trusted friends, family and associates. Isolation is not your friend. It is the enemy that every warrior needs to resist.

by Zachary L Green
Zachary Green is a former U.S. Marine, firefighter and CEO of MN8 LumAware/Foxfire as well as the recent author of "Warrior Entrepreneur," a book he wrote to help business owners turn hardship and adversity into growth tools. He can be reached at

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