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Sadly, and in most cases, companies only hire the best fit 50% of the time. The reasons being that they never test drive the new employee before placing them on their payroll. But a good staffing company can raise that percentage. And isn’t it well worth a few extra dollars to get the right person for the right job?

The fact is 80% of the talent market is not looking for jobs. Employers need to allow the staffing companies and professional recruiters to search for the best talent, not just accept the talent that happens to show up, driven by obscure hiring announcements in print and online. Think of it as a form of “Magnet HR,” where instead of waiting for The One to walk through that HR door, a staffing company can draw out those hidden gems like a magnet to a paperclip.

Most construction firms have a human resources department, but do they truly have the time to recruit the best talent when they have to wade through a landslide of often worthless resumes.

There are at least five necessary steps that companies need to take to hire the right employee.

  • Spend more time understanding the candidate’s resume.
  • Make sure that during the interview, hiring managers get the background information needed and ask the questions he or she needs more information about.
  • Use the group interview to find out more about the candidate and if he or she truly fits.
  • Use skill testing to your advantage.
  • Pre-employment medical questions and examinations can help hiring managers understand if the candidate is physically capable of doing the job.

Most people hire in a hurry and frequently omit several of the key components of making a great hire. Staffing companies can handle those necessary steps and increase the possibility of making the correct hire.

Hiring through a staffing company can also allow the employer to see how much the employee really wants the job. If a company knows that information going in, then after a certain amount of time that employee can be a member of their team and reap the benefits of the company. The staffing company is set up to place the possible employee in a position for a certain amount of time to judge if they genuinely want to be part of the team.

When hiring employees to work in jobs that require a certain amount of physical labor, such as construction, companies rarely investigate the physical abilities of the employee. Hiring an employee directly without knowledge of their physical abilities can haunt a company. If a new employee gets hurt or in most cases says they got hurt, the claim itself will usually cost the employer three times the amount of the claim on their experience mod.

Why take the initial risk?


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