Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Robotic solutions can improve safety on jobsites, boost efficiency and free up humans to focus on project work.
By Josh Cheney
March 30, 2022

Robotic solutions are advancing rapidly, and we can expect their adoption to grow. Despite what some sci-fi visionaries might suggest, robots can’t replace humans on construction projects; there are, however, robots that can supplement the way humans work on jobsites.

Some robotics solutions can survey sites and monitor progress on projects with photos and videos, so teams can rely on them to automate information capture. Robots can also be operated outside of working hours, so the team can focus on driving the project forward. Linking captured information with a broader construction management platform can easily deliver the information teams need to make timely project decisions while also minimizing the need for human labor, saving both time and money.

Connected robotics solutions can also bolster safety management on a project. When humans don’t have to walk around a jobsite to survey and track progress, the potential for an incident is reduced. Teams can also use robotic photo and video capture to complete daily safety inspections. Robots can tirelessly complete the tedious, repetitive and laborious work—such as brick laying—that would otherwise strain humans. While automation takes care of those tasks, humans can remain focused on other project work.

Because the information that robots capture is automated, there is minimal human effort required to manage data transfer on an ongoing basis. Team members can apply problem-solving skills to project issues while connected robotic solutions transfer data to project management platforms. Automated data capture and transfer minimizes the risk of human error, keeping the quality of the data consistent. Consequently, teams can more confidently rely on those automated and hygienic data streams to uncover insights on progress and performance, and even make proactive, data-driven decisions about project issues.

It’s exciting to see robotics coming into construction. With the industry’s workforce challenges and tight budgets, construction teams must do more with less. The combined power of robotics with connected construction project management platforms will enable construction teams to stay competitive in today’s dynamic market.

Josh Cheney
Senior Manager, Strategic Alliances
Autodesk Construction Solutions

by Josh Cheney

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