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Crafting a culture that fosters employee involvement, tools for success and a lead-by-example mentality is what makes companies great places to work. Creating a strong and talented workforce doesn’t just happen; concerted efforts need to be made and implemented to ensure each employee feels valued and appreciated for his or her contribution. 

If these ideas are implemented well, companies will get results. For example, the Wellness Council of America recently announced the 2018 Well Workplace Award Winners. Faith Technologies, an energy expert and national leader in electrical planning, engineering, design and installation, is on that list, as a Gold Level designee. This is not by accident. Faith Technologies has invested in a comprehensive wellness program that produces positive and healthy results for its employees. The program incorporates healthy well-being, continuous improvement and data-driven decision making into everyday decisions.


Faith Technologies has a dedicated health and wellness advocate in the organization—its wellness program administrator—which shows employees that wellness is at the center of everything the company does. This has been part of the company’s strategic plan since 2008. Through its work, Faith Technologies has also been recognized as one of America’s Healthiest 100 Workplaces by Healthiest Employer, LLC, for three consecutive years. These awards and accolades are wonderful, but a company needs to actually do what it says it will do to create a great workplace culture. 


Providing employees with on-site programs and opportunities to increase wellness is essential to involvement. Health assessments and biometric screenings, in many cases, are measures connected to health insurance rates and coverage. Partnering with a provider to offer on-site assessments, at office locations and jobsites, can lead to increased participation. In many cases, employees who complete these assessments are eligible for reduced health insurance premiums. 

Another way to engage a workforce is through incentives and wellness-based activities. “The stronger the body, the sharper the mind” is a mantra that is the foundation for Faith Technologies’ approach to physical and mental wellness, which includes health club membership fees and community run/walk event reimbursement; on-site fitness centers; community involvement opportunities; and access to a variety of wellness tools and resources.

A company seeking to implement similar benefits can start small by offering a walking track for use during breaks, supplying environment-friendly drinking bottles to promote adequate water intake or promoting community run/walk events to employees. 


Having a leadership team in the organization that participates in wellness-focused initiatives shows employees the organization supports this behavior—and even rewards it. Leading by example leads to a high-performing team that shares a common vision and goal driven by collaboration, challenge and accountability.


An organization can have top talent and leaders in the industry, but without investment in those team members, that talent will seek opportunity elsewhere. “The Impact of Employee Learning on Retention,” an article written by Joseph Moschetto—who is a learning solutions manager at American Management Association—states:

“Creating an employee learning environment is an important component of any employee retention strategy. Opportunities to learn add to the other elements of a retention environment, including a culture that gives employees a sense of purpose and a workplace that embraces diversity and inclusion. Companies that promise lifelong employee learning and development encourage people to leave work at the end of each day knowing more than they did at the start.”

At Faith Technologies, the investment in the team and the encouragement to grow never ends. Throughout employees’ careers, they have access to a number of programs to help them advance professionally and personally. Creating opportunities to work out the body and the brain creates a culture of continuous improvement and learning.

When on the quest to create or nurture a great work environment, it is essential to empower employees, be respectful, lead by example and move forward with purpose. Happy and healthy employees are loyal and exceptional ambassadors of a company’s brand.


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