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Construction work is inherently dangerous, so creating a culture of safety throughout a construction organization is critical. Safety should not be something that is addressed only when accidents happen or leading up to OSHA inspections. It is a crucial component of a successful workplace and everyone involved in a construction job should treat it that way.

When construction company owners, leadership and partners treat safety as an essential part of each day’s work, risk decreases and productivity increases. Creating a culture of safety, then, means that every team member is responsible for a safe jobsite. Whether an employee has boots on the ground or is managing from an office, safety must be top-of-mind.

Safety in Construction is Fundamental

An appropriate approach to safety in construction begins with rigorous planning and includes expert execution. It focuses on communication and a company-wide mindset where each employee feels compelled to work safely. A culture of safety in construction embraces the idea that every team member is empowered to call out unsafe behaviors.

A professional in the construction industry must acknowledge that safety is fundamental to everything the company does. It requires an unrelenting dedication to safe work practices on every project. Safety on the jobsite mandates that owners, managers and team leaders streamline efficiencies in a manner that keeps safety protocols prominent at all times.

When owners and managers convey safety programs and policies to team members and subcontractors, they should be clear and precise. They must make it easy to understand what is expected of each person working on the project. It should be evident to everyone that safety drives the job and, therefore, the success of each individual involved.

There are several practices that construction companies can put into place to minimize risk while optimizing productivity.

1. Maintain a Passion and Commitment to Safety

 New hires and current employees need to feel that a culture of safety embodies the organization. Leadership should use safety language in hiring presentations an d company meetings. All subcontractors need to be briefed on general and job-specific safety protocols before and throughout the partnership.

2. Practice a Bottom-Up Approach to Safety

Safety should not be the sole responsibility of a "safety department." Every employee working on a job, in any capacity, is responsible for a safe workplace. Leadership should implement programs that allow any team member to quickly and efficiently notify fellow employees and managers of unsafe work practices.

3. Use Technology to Reduce Risk Exposure

Companies should create work task training videos that focus on the unique hazards of construction work. These video assets must be operational standards, and they have to be updated periodically to comply with changing rules and protocols. Some construction companies may find that role- or job-specific training videos are beneficial as well.

4. Have a Comprehensive Safety Protocol for Each Job

Every project must have a unique and comprehensive safety plan. This helps the entire team overcome impediments and minimize risk while improving efficiencies for that particular project. Many owners and managers like to use safety videos in tandem with written safety guides for their site-specific plans.

5. Seek Better Methods for Safety and Efficiency

Continually seeking growth opportunities is part of a manager’s job. Specifically, in construction, leadership must always look for safer ways to do the job efficiently. This might take the form of updating construction equipment, incorporating new technologies, working solely with safety-first partners or developing trademarked systems that bring safety to the forefront.

Creating a culture of safety makes the jobsite an enjoyable place to work. It also attracts bright and experienced experts who work together to provide innovative solutions to construction challenges. The end and desired result of a safe workplace is a satisfied client.


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