Contractor Predictions for 2022

One-hundred contractors respond to a survey on challenges and trends for 2022.
By Construction Executive
March 4, 2022

In a recent survey, Trimble Viewpoint asked 100 contractors about challenges and trends on the horizon for 2022.

Challenges were split fairly evenly, with 35% of respondents concerned about vaccine mandates and other COVID-19-related requirements, 31% concerned about the labor shortage and 26% concerned about supply chain and materials pricing.

Construction trends that contractors are focused on include data/cybersecurity (24%), digital technologies (21%), data accessibility/mobility (18%) and predictive analytics (17%).

The majority of respondents had a positive outlook for the new year, expecting to have more projects (64%), hire more people (53%), see contract values increase (65%) and spend more cash (57%).

by Construction Executive

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