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RedTeam Software’s new TeamPlayer app is free to subcontractors, granting them instant access to documents shared via RedTeam’s project management and accounting software. Subcontractors can view the status of their contracts, change orders, credentials, lien waivers, submittals and punch items and can share day-to-day performance updates in real time. With TeamPlayer also streamlines the subcontractor invoicing and payment process.

RenoRun on-demand platform for GCs and subs doubles as a delivery service. With the app, contractors can access more than 50,000 building materials, which can be delivered to their job site within two hours. The service is available in Montreal, Toronto and Austin, with more U.S. sites to come.


CM Labs Simulations’ Dozer Training Pack has new training exercises and teaching tools along with high-precision earthmoving simulation technology. The new exercises include production dozing, access road creation and material spreading and integrates real-time Grade Quality Sensor that track key metrics such as height, slope and standard deviation. The new Motor Grader Training Pack tracks all operating metrics during training exercises, including cycle time, blade efficiency, number of blade contacts with wheels or obstacles, grade quality, idle time, fuel consumption and more. Operating metrics during training are tracked to provide a single score in real time. Trainees can ‘feel’ the dirt in front of the blade.

Tapplock one+ is a smart fingerprint padlock that stores up to 500 fingerprints and pairs with an enterprise management platform that allows businesses to manage who has access to the lock and set specific parameters such as time and day. 

 ZipStitch, a new wound closure product, is a way to treat cuts on a jobsite that can’t be closed with bandages, on the spot. The technology, used in operating rooms and ERs, is a non-invasive alternative to stitches to close wounds. 

Software & In the Cloud

LBMC Technology Solutions’ subscription-based software module integrates progress billing capabilities directly into Sage Intacct’s accounting platform. ProForm helps specialty trade contractors and subcontractors get paid on a project. The software module provides builds the schedule of values, tracks costs, manages retainage and generates accurate billing that complies with the standardized AIA billing forms G-702 and G-703. 

Pype SaaS family of products enables contractors to simplify and standardize processes. AutoSpecs’ versioning tool tracks changes between multiple versions and identifies modified requirements. Closeout provides a single portal for closeout documentation management with digital document collection from subcontractors and powerful reporting dashboards. With eBinder, project teams compile turnover documentation into a PDF with a clickable table of contents, search functionality, customizable slip sheets and more. SmartPlans locates and extracts all submittals from uploaded plans automatically. 

Autodesk has integrated BuildingConnected bid management solutions with PlanGrid technology for seamless transfer of data from preconstruction to the building process. Project managers can automatically push design and preconstruction files from BuildingConnected to PlanGrid and connect field workers with project planning and estimation workflows used throughout the building process.

Nearmap 3-D allows customers to stream and export 3-D imagery on-demand at massive scale, through its MapBrowser web application. Nearmap’s AI technology turns millions of aerial images into valuable datasets that can be used to measure change and quantify attributes, such as solar panels, pools, roofs or construction sites. 

Video & Cool Stuff

Gordian free e-book (registration required), Solving the Construction iEstimating Puzzle: How to Estimate Thoroughly and Accurately for Every Project offers instructions, tips and advice for completing the construction estimating puzzle faster and more accurately, from examining construction plans to completing the quantity takeoff to applying construction costs.


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