Construction Technology and Software Rundown: Oct. 19, 2018

Here's a rundown of the latest in construction technology and software.
October 15, 2018


Master Lock Vault Enterpriseintegrates a new web platform, mobile app and Master Lock's Bluetooth-enabled security devices, including Bluetooth Padlocks and Lock Boxes. Through the web interface, administrators can grant and manage access for as many locks and users as they need. Authorized personnel can access the locks and lock boxes via the mobile app.

Sandberg Phoenix clients can access the Lien Builder app to submit information and documentation their attorneys need to file liens, track lien status and monitor deadlines. The attorneys review the documentation, then draft and file the lien.


With CM Labs Simulations Dozer Simulator Training Pack, trainees can push soil and aggregate material from the seat of a virtual dozer and perform heavy excavation and fine grading with the simulator’s 6-way blade. The built-in exercises address common beginner challenges such as setting the blade angle and learning how to maintain material in front of the blade. Advanced exercises, such as excavating a drainage inlet and transversal ditch and trailer loading/unloading are included.

The Digital Job Box is a heavy-duty locking steel job site storage box with marine-grade power outlets for connection to commercial power. Inside are iPads with cellular connectivity with magnetic mounted ruggedized cases that use powerful induction to charge an uninterruptible power supply, and a large 4K display for collaboration powered by Apple TV. Printers, drones, safety sirens/strobes and mobile wi-fi hotspot are available.

TrueLookcombines live jobsite viewing, project time-lapsing and HD security recording with a movie-making tool for creating custom time-lapse videos. TrueLook cameras capture photos throughout a construction project’s life and automatically create time-lapse videos so users can create customized videos with title card, pan and zoom effects, fading and music. This gives customers a premier marketing video with no effort.

FLIR Systems has two new moisture meters with Bluetooth® wireless connectivity. The FLIR MR59 Ball Probe Moisture Meter covers large areas in a short time, detecting moisture below a surface when there is no visible presence. FLIR MR55 Pin Moisture Meter offer moisture remediation, pest control, home or building inspection, and floor installation professionals the ability to read moisture measurements from a mobile device. It includes 11 material groups, including wood, drywall, concrete, brick and more.

Werner Electric Supply has developed MiA, the Multifunction Instrument Asset, a process control trainer to help train employees on different processes. The employee will learn how to operate gears and different parts of a machine. MiA was designed by Rodney Howard, the process control product manager at Werner Electric along with the help and guidance of the International Society of Automaton .

Software & In the Cloud

Autodesk’s update to InfraWorks features enhancements for bridge design, ArcGIS data integration and more. The update provides an intuitive design experience with accuracy and detail; automates repetitive tasks; connects project teams and data with AEC-focused collaboration tools that support multidisciplinary workflows throughout the project lifecycle; and enhanced integration with ArcGIS data.

BirdDogHR has incorporated artificial intelligence within its Applicant Tracking System. Specific AI functionality includes screening questions to score candidates and funnel them into pre-determined categories based on their provided responses and qualifications. Users can customize questions and desired responses to determine candidate priority. Follow-up emails are automatically sent to candidates after applying based on their responses and resume qualifications.

InEight's new project controls software solutions on Microsoft Azure provides analytics and deep visibility into critical functions, such as project cost management, field execution management and project administration. With Azure, InEight can help reduce installation time, provide customers with a way to scale their technology environment as their projects and portfolios evolve and they expand into new regions. InEight’s suite integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations so users can connect job site information with back office systems.

Partnerships & Acquisitions

Procore has acquired BIManywhere, a visual BIM collaboration platform for construction and facilities management in order to provide seamless access to information for everyone on the jobsite. Through an optimized mobile app and web application, the BIManywhere platform offers an intuitive 3D viewing engine that streamlines communication across project teams.

Hangar Technology platform for 4D Visual Insights and DroneBase are partnering to leverage DroneBase’s global API and Pilot Network to scale Hangar’s technology nationally and provide enterprises with an alternative to adopting an internal drone program. Contractors can digitize their projects without an internal drone program. Hangar and DroneBase capture the data, convert the imagery to the requested specs and deliver the insights in as little as 48 hours.

FMI and PlanGrid partnered on a survey of nearly 600 construction leaders from around the world about how their teams spend time and leverage technology investments. Download the 2018 Construction Disconnected report for insights on how time spent on non-optimal activities is costing the industry $177 billion per year, the causes and consequences of those costs, and how improved project data and mobile collaboration can help the industry move forward.

Video & Cool Stuff

Procore’s CEO Tooey Courtemanche is featured in Forbes magazine September issue in “Master Builder.“ Procore is ranked No. 5 in Forbes’ Cloud 100 list.

Arcadis’ report, The Price of Silence is GROWING: The Multi-Billion-Dollar Problem EHS Data Alone Can’t Solve, highlights challenges companies face consolidating the massive amounts of big data being collected, and the ramifications from both a financial and risk management perspective resulting from how this data is collected and used across the company. In reality, true insights and proactive risk management are silenced due to the volumes of data collected resulting from the lack of enterprise-wide systems present to consolidate it into digestible, actionable insights. The research demonstrates the value of transforming an organizations’ EHS data management approach to one that produces digestible and actionable insights to proactively manage risk and drive decisions.

Check out these videos that highlight the Beyond Visual Line of Site real world flights in Germany, showcasing the Microdrones main workflow elements: Plan, Fly, Process, Visualize.

PLAN: Microdrones worked with Strabag to fly the mdMapper1000DG, creating a point cloud and orthophoto of a 12 kilometer stretch of the Autobahn.

FLY: Using the mdMapper1000DG for corridor mapping of the Autobahn allows for closer inspection and visualization of the highway to find pavement imperfections, road wear and tear, and other potential safety hazards.

PROCESS and VISUALIZE: Once all the data is collected from the drone, it can be imported into software to create accurate visualizations such as orthomosaics or pointclouds.

GenieBelt, a Danish startup that offers project collaboration and communications software to construction projects, has opened a U.S. based office in Indianapolis.

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