Construction Technology and Software Rundown: June 15, 2018

Here's a rundown of the latest in technology and software innovation for the week of June 15.
June 13, 2018


DPL Teleatics’ AssetView Tracking System for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of any powered or unpowered asset for improved logistics, inventory management and theft protection is a small, portable GPS unit. It is completely self-contained and may be hidden on any asset, installing in seconds. The AssetView allows managers to remotely monitor any asset accurately from an Internet-based software package and mobile app.

Gorilla Safety, which provides integrated fleet safety and management solutions and ELD services, is offering users of ONE20’s F-ELD a free ELD subscription through the end of 2019. ONE20, an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) provider, ceased operations June 18, 2018. Former F-ELD users simply need to provide proof of F-ELD purchase and Gorilla Safety’s Prime8 ELD service will be free to qualifying fleets and owner operators. Contact Gorilla Safety at 844-636-1360; or

There’s a new rugged Android device in town. Xplore Technologies’ 6” handheld Xplore M60 survives being dropped in dirt, left in a hot vehicle or left in freezing weather, even dropping in the toilet. It features a scratch-resistant display that works with gloved or wet hands; voice, email and app-based communications channels; and is available with optional barcode scanner.

Software & In the Cloud

Scope AR’s AR platform offers real-time remote assistance and access to AR guided smart instructions simultaneously. By combining Remote AR live support video calling application with Worklink AR content creation platform, users can support a remote workforce so technicians can connect in real time with an expert in the office for live video support. The expert can “drop-in” pre-built AR instructions showing full safety cautions, tool requirements and checklists and can see the technician’s view. The platform can also be used for training using a hands-free AR headset, such as a HoloLens.

Brickschain is implementing ULedger’s blockchain protocol to introduce a blockchain-based construction management system to accurately and efficiently connect all parties before, during and after construction of an asset in order to manage both corrective and preventative maintenance. Brickschain and ULedger create a trustworthy chain of events, transactions, assets and other project details and allows emails, project management systems and accounting systems to come together in one place, creating a verified record of all transactions on the blockchain, and ensuring that data cannot be lost.

NavVis M6 is an all-in-one mobile LiDAR system that captures 360° immersive imagery and point clouds at an unprecedented speed in even the most complex indoor environments. Surveyors and AEC professionals can now use reality capture technology for demanding applications, such as large-scale indoor mapping projects, factory planning, creating and updating as-built BIM models and construction monitoring.

Partnerships & Acquisitions

ConstructConnect, e developer of the iSqFt platform, has acquired SmartBid from JBKnowledge. ConstructConnect combined iSqFt and SmartBid to enable users to build and strengthen relationships, leverage project data and analytics to make better decisions while using more effective software to deliver projects more profitably.

Private equity firm Bregal Sagemount has invested in GPS Insight, a provider of SaaS-based fleet management software. The investment will enable GPS Insight to further augment its solutions, expand its market reach and drive substantial value for its customers. GPS Insight was recognized for outstanding customer service by the American Business Award s with the Bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year in the software category.

TrueLook’s camera interface now integrates with PlanGrid’s construction productivity software platform to provide PlanGrid users with easy access and control options for TrueLook images. The integration allows users to select, manage and organize TrueLook photos directly through PlanGrid and access Plangrid contacts from within TrueLook.

Triax Technologies, provider of technology for the connected jobsite, is partnering with United Rentals to offer Triax’s Spot-r IoT system at United Rental branches. The system will integrate with United Rentals’ proprietary, web-based software solutions, giving construction firms a comprehensive look at equipment utilization, operator identity and site safety.

DEWALT and Procore are working together to develop a Single Sign On (SSO) integration so authorized users can securely access the DEWALT Jobsite WiFi app via their Procore login credentials to help manage multiple systems and reduce complexity on the site. A beta version is expected to be available in August 2018.

Synchro Software and GenieBelt ApS are teaming up on a Proof of Concept (PoC) to integrate Synchro’s 4D Virtual Planning and Construction software platform with GenieBelt’s real-time project management and mobile site reporting. The integration will provide real-time updates to project schedules and BIM models, ensuring continuous overview and insights into actual project progress and help enrich the model and project information with data.

Video & Cool Stuff

Here's a solution for the construction worker shortage.

University of Vermont researchers are developing an advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR) system that detects buried infrastructure, then using a 3D scanning smart phone app, converts grainy radar scans to recognizable 3D objects using augmented reality software. Researchers at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga are developing the second component - an edge computing platform that will enable large amounts of data generated by the UVM GPR technology to be processed and mapped near the data collection site - at its "edge" - so it can be sent to the radar operator in real time as the area is being mapped. Ultimately, a worker wearing AR goggles or specially equipped smart phone will simply walk over the area to be inspected and see a detailed view of what’s six to 12 feet underground.

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