Construction Technology and Software Rundown: July 19, 2019

July 15, 2019


With Raken’s Toolbox Talks, foremen and supervisors can schedule and access talks from mobile devices, collect signatures and submit proof of completion. Features include bulk scheduling, digital or photo signature capture, Toolbox Talks library, Toolbox Talks insights and a robust search function.

LetsBuild combines APROPLAN and GenieBelt solutions in a data collection platform. LetsBuild puts BIM in the hands of construction workers so they can provide real-time data onsite without learning new tools. The app connects BIM objects in the model to site activities, checks and forms for a transparent digital built environment.


ClimaCell weather technology system predicts the weather, providing a minute-by-minute, street-by-street forecast. ClimaCell’s Weather-of-Things approach, along with highly sophisticated computer models, brings technology to weather forecasting. ClimaCell’s construction system is easy to operate via web and mobile, and translates weather data into jobsite-specific implications and alerts.

GPS Insights’ Driveri AI dashcam enhances driver safety by capturing and analyzing every minute on the road. Features include 1080p recording and a 360° view of vehicles, captures high gforce events, hard braking, driver drowsiness, hard acceleration, traffic signal violations, stop sign violations, following distance, u-turn detection and speeding violations.

Casella’s VAPex low flow pump reports employee levels of chemical exposure, such as Volatile Organic Compounds. The pocket-sized sampling device runs 34 hours under typical operating conditions. Using the VAPex pump in conjunction with Casella’s Airwave App via Bluetooth enables the operator to record notes and input data on a tablet or mobile device.

Hyundai Construction Equipment’s HiMATE system with GPS technology monitors key machine components such as the engine, hydraulics and electrical systems. Integrated diagnostics capabilities include maintenance alerts, predictive parts-and-service diagnostics, Engine Connected Diagnostics, Machine Connected Diagnostics, Firmware over the Air, HCE Diagnostics Tool and monthly reporting.

Software & In the Cloud

Egnyte’s Secure Content Platform provides a digital foundation for construction collaboration and data security at the jobsite. Egnyte’s SaaS solution delivers real-time access to blueprints, schematics and designs. With Advanced Templating, users can duplicate project workflows and securely oversee project bids from mobile devices using DocuSign® and other tools.

With the Kahua Network, project managers can manage, track and share documents across the entire project team. Project participants control individual site and data and maintain their own project record before, during and after the project; create and manage budgets, contracts, purchase orders, change orders and pay apps; and collaborate with vendors to streamline purchasing.

Partnerships & Acquisitions

EQT Partners has acquired Acumatica and is joining forces with IFS, the global enterprise applications company. The IFS-Acumatica partnership will tap into one another’s ISV, reseller and systems integrator communities, cross-pollinate technical resources and roadmaps, and implement best practices across services and support to enable efficiencies of scale and rapid growth. Both companies are adopting AI and machine learning features into their products.

Rhumbix mobile platform has closed a $14.3 million Series B round of funding led by Blackhorn Ventures and Tenfore Holdings, with participation from Greylock Partners, S28 Capital, South Park Ventures, and Glynn Capital. Rhumbix’s Field Intelligence Platform™ is a cloud-based mobile workforce management solution that collects and digitizes data from previously paper-based workflows.

Video & Cool Stuff

Solidia Technologies’ cement manufacturing process uses a synthetic version of wollastonite to replace some of the limestone, which reduces the carbon footprint of concrete up to 70% and water use up to 100%. Solidia Concrete™ products are strong, durable, cost less to produce, reduce water and energy use, and cure in less than 24 hours. has a BIM tool for AEC professionals to digitally plan construction projects. The Genie BIM tool provides resources for including Genie products in their projects and adds discipline-specific data to the single, shared file. The site includes 17 conception/construction models, with more to come.

KnowBe4’s new Phishing by Industry Benchmarking Report (registration required) measures an organization’s average Phish-prone percentage, which indicates how many employees are likely to fall for a phishing or social engineering scam. Construction companies have the most “phish-prone” users across small and mid-size organization categories, ranking at 37.9 percent and 37.1 percent respectively. After implementing security awareness training for one year, these numbers fell to 1.8 percent and 3.1 percent respectively.

A report from Dodge Data & Analytics and Viewpoint, Improving Performance with Project Data Smart Market Report: How Improved Collection and Analysis is Leading to the Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry (registration required), says the way project data is gathered and analyzed across the construction industry can improve key project outcomes. 64% of participants said that their ability to gather and analyze data has improved or improved significantly. The report found that contractors using commercial software to gather jobsite data report significantly higher satisfaction rates than those using paper forms or spreadsheets; contractors still have concerns about security when storing data in the cloud; and while 86% of respondents are relying on anti-malware software to address data security, only 45% have implemented employee compliance training.

HCSS’s fifth-annual Construction Intern Awards scholarship program for college students in construction-related fields presents $50,000 for 18 total scholarships, including a $10,000 grand prize Intern of the Year scholarship and three $4,000 Finalist scholarship, with winners announced in November. Online registration began July 9.

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