Construction Technology and Software Rundown: Feb. 16, 2018

Here’s the rundown on the latest in AR, AI and MR along with simulator training and digital technology.
February 13, 2018


Vectorworks free Nomad mobile app now has augmented reality (AR) capabilities. A new viewing mode on iOS devices supports Apple’s ARKit technology so users can view Vectorworks models at their actual size and in context with the real world to make design decisions before they are built, removing the barrier between the virtual model and the real world.

Raken Time Cards app allows contractors to log labor hours on the mobile app or website, for ease in tracking hours and cost codes on jobsites while streamlining payroll in the office.


Trimble Connect for HoloLens Tmixed-reality technology takes 3-D content off the screen in to the real world with holographic data. Trimble’s Hard Hat Solution for Microsoft HoloLens integrates the HoloLens holographic computer with an industry-standard hard hat.

Hyndsight Vision Systems’ Journey wireless, portable vision system has a custom designed camera and monitor with a sunlight readable screen, antenna set and two mounts in a solid case. It provides real-time video stream through a direct wire-free connection and a clear image that can transmit up to one-third of a mile with direct line of sight.

Check out ECCO’s new website and enter The Ultimate Upfit Contest, to win a fully-customized upfit valued at approximately $5,000. The website showcases ECCO’s line of customized safety solutions for vehicles and equipment, including beacons, backup cameras and alarms, and safety directional signs.

Software & In the Cloud

With PlanGrid Submittals and Automatic Submittal Log, users can track and manage the submittal review process from the GC to the subcontractor and designer, identify the status of a Submittal, share approved submittals with the field, create a submittal log and produce a complete submittal log with relevant product data, shop drawings and closeouts - to assign submittal register items to subcontractors and accelerate the submittals process.

Trimble Earthworks Grade Control System for excavators and dozers mounts dual GNSS receivers on top of the cab to eliminate masts, ideal for steep slope work and complex designs with tight tolerances. Data files can be transferred to or from the office wirelessly and automatically. Trimble’s T10 Tablet is a rugged, high-performance data processing platform for measuring and verifying ground levels and site features; computing progress and material stockpile volumes; monitoring and conducting quality control for earthworks and paving operations; synchronizing design and field data via the Internet.

Doxel’s artificial intelligence and computer vision-based system uses autonomous devices to monitor a site with LIDAR and HD cameras. The AI algorithm processes the visual data, inspects installation quality and quantifies how much material has been installed correctly. Doxel’s cloud-based dashboard provides project managers with real-time feedback on productivity and how actual costs and time spent are comparing to the original budget and schedule.

With Applied Software LevelUp™ Software System, users can generate and switch seamlessly between two-dimensional and three-dimensional views of every floor of a three-dimensional virtual construction model. Each level’s 3-D model can be exported to Autodesk® Navisworks® Manage.

Partnerships & Acquisitions

Trimble has acquired e-Builder, a SaaS-based construction program management solution. The acquisition will enable Trimble to provide an integrated project delivery solution for owners, program managers and contractors across the design, construct and operate lifecycle with improved transparency and accountability, faster payments and increased productivity.

Video & Cool Stuff

The American Concrete Pumping Association(ACPA) Workforce Development pump operator simulator gives job candidates a virtual experience of a pump operator. The simulator offers different levels of play from a simple pour to a parking garage, the top of a building and a below-grade pour.

Genie has updated websites for, Genie® used equipment, Genie Lift Pro™ Operator Training and Genie Tech Pro™ Service Training sites. The sites include content relevant to the most current global industry standards, new product and service offerings, and consolidated navigation and product filtering capabilities.

Aconex’s “Five Keys to Unlocking Digital Transformation in Engineering & Construction” outlines the many challenges faced by the E&C industry to adopting and implementing digital technologies and offers practical solutions with real-world case studies. The report addresses Integration Across the Ecosystem: Rationalization and Standardization, Building Digital Talent, Securing Digital Adoption and Establishing Value and Return on Investment (ROI).

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